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Monday, April 18, 2016

Extended Hiatus

I suppose it's readily apparent that I have let this blog go. This post is an official announcement that I am not going to be focused on posting here for several more months at least.

This is not the end of this blog... I am simply choosing to focus my energy on other things at the moment; I need to wrap up school so I can leave my line of work in my rear view mirror. I want to put out some more music and am currently halfway through writing and recording a new full length.

There is also a third reason. While I have come across many issues, over the last several months, that have fanned the flames in me and would have fueled many posts, I need to unplug as much as I can. Perhaps I care too much for certain things, many of which I have shared over the last several years here... And the fact that it seems that 95/100 human beings can't be bothered with anything other than what entertains or immediately benefits them is beyond disconcerting to me. Yes, there are still many beautiful things on this planet and many things to continue fighting for - however trivial onemay feel. Yet, for the time being, while I will remain angry and fired up regarding many things, I need to stop fighting. I need to walk away long enough for me to regain some sort of faith in us human beings again, because at this moment, I have less faith than ever.

I see our present circumstance when I hear the mainstream media reports. I see it in the political bullshit taking place here in the United States and the outright slander and puppeteering taking place. I see it when I sit in traffic for an hour when I come home from work. I see it when I look up and see a hazy white sky that should be blue, complete with persistent 'contrails'. I see it when I see people more concerned and excited over a Los Angeles Lakers game than anything else that has mattered for quite some time. I see it with this weird preoccupation with celebrity worship. Basically, I see it any time I turn on the radio or television or leave my house.

This reminds me of two sayings. One states that ten percent of a population must be the trailblazers and then the rest of the sheep will follow. The other states that doing the same thing again and again, while expecting different results, is the definition of insanity. Right now I am more in line with the latter.

Earlier today I listened to a presentation on geoengineering, and as usual, I wanted to go to war - come here and write something on it and share it with others. Then I recalled I've already done that. I've shared with people, posted about it, put up a few short YouTube videos, and even done a song on it. Thus, where I once thought people wouldn't act until they smelled smoke I know see it differently... Like this:

Imagine a family of four in a house. All members are in the living room watching the latest pile of shit on the Kardashians and Kanye 'Autotune' West. They get a hint of smoke and quickly brush it off as the neighbor barbecuing. One of the kids decides to go grab a bottle of carbonated Aspartame from the fridge and notices there is a fire on the stove. The kid returns to the living room declaring a fire in the kitchen and that action must be taken... Yet, the rest of the family quickly reassures the kid that there is no fire - the neighbor is just having an outing on his patio. It isn't until the actual couch they sit on catches fire that they realize the trouble they are in. A three-alarm fire is declared and engines arrive and put out the fire. Once the smoke clears someone mentions, "Hey, what was the cause?", and is told what's done is done. Yeah, let's move on. Never mind that work an unlicensed electrician did that  resulted in faulty wiring. So, they return to normal, go back to the circus that appeases them and sees them through until the end of the school or work day.
Perhaps the next time fire breaks out in that house the family will be asleep and their fates sealed.And that is how I collectively see Americans, the British, and Europeans.

Now, since I see our society as a collective of willing idiots I then naturally arrive at the following:

In nature there does exist animals that would, if given the chance, put themselves out of business. A beaver, for example, without the natural checks and balances of the functional ecosystem he lives [if not ruined by human beings yet], would undoubtedly end up procreating to record levels and eventually destroy his own habitat. Of course if this situation ever became a reality there would be the ever vigilant, self-proclaimed protectors of wild habitat and life, otherwise known as hunters, to cull that population.

And yet, another animal, with greater tools for destruction and unbalance, motivated largely by personal gain, is the equivalent of the beavers above. Even more worrisome is the fact that this animal's stage is the planet as a whole.

Yeah, you've got it. That animal is us. If children grow to become their parents, adopting their beliefs and their values, we are in dire trouble. That goes every bit as much for us, as it does for the children of some Taliban that secretly enjoys sexing up his bacha bazi, and anyone else currently living on this planet.

Theoretical physicists have often stated that the era we currently inhabit is more important than any other time in history. They state that human civilization is at the crux of consciousness, kind of like a fork in the road; on the left is ruin and on the right is enlightenment and the dawn of a new age. For us to take that right turn we have much to do, but the start must be with ourselves. I would even be brazen enough to state that a good start to reach that right turn would be to cease giving in to impulse and greed - to put others before you. Could you even imagine what this planet would be like if only a fraction of us did so? I believe that only then will we have the ability to effect change in our institutions, for they reflect us whether or not we choose to believe it.

Until next time...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

DHS official games Congressman Trey Gowdy

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
December 13, 2015

Der Homeland Security isn't a left or right apparatus; it was created under the Bush administration and continues to fester and flourish under the Obama administration while doing very little to protect the 'homeland'. The video above is a fine example of the DHS and those 'officials' within - DHS's Kelli Burriesci is either unable, or simply refuses, to provide Congressman Trey Gowdy answers while in front of a House Oversight meeting on December 11, 2015.

This DHS shill, Kelli Burriesci, has an attitude reminiscent of a spoiled, and annoyed, high school girl that isn't getting her way.

What better way to wage a 'war' on terrorism than to arm and train them, use them as a proxy/destabilizing force against sovereign nations, leave our borders wide open to them, refuse to attribute crimes to (San Bernardino), and attempt to disarm the American citizenry.

On another note: Why is it that everyone is focusing on legal avenues to purchase guns in regards to terrorism? The weapons used in San Bernardino were automatic weapons that are currently illegal in California. What about the Bataclan attacks? Oh wait - in France, again, fully automatic weapons are illegal. So again, why is it that everyone is hyper-focused on legal gun ownership? Why is it that, without a moment to lose after the San Bernardino massacre, Obama was providing a speech about stricter gun control (ie. methods to legally obtain firearms)? Oh right - let's make a list and add people to it to deny them the rights provided by the 2nd Amendment; and if we don't like certain dissidents we can add them to it in the future as we... oops, I mean 'they', see fit. The irony that, of all people, the man providing these speeches heads an administration that slipped thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican cartels is not lost on me. Read between the lines... Lists are primarily for American citizens. Speaking of disarmament, wouldn't it be wise to, rather than focusing on legal gun owners, to deal with massive stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction?


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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman addresses the state of humanity in 2015

Jaz Coleman discusses a possible new cold war, chemtrails, biotech and GMO's, multinationals, the elitist theory of depopulation, and the decline of human interaction. The world needs more substance and I'm grateful for people like Jaz.

One of my favorite Killing Joke songs:


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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Paris Attacks: We Terrify You And Then We Do What We Want (David Icke)

You don't have to agree with David regarding reptilians to see value in what he is doing. As a matter of fact, he doesn't mention that subject once during this video. I challenge anyone to look into the drills that coincided with 9/11 or 7/7 (or other events) - especially those that are outright dismissive.


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