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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Paris Attacks: We Terrify You And Then We Do What We Want (David Icke)

You don't have to agree with David regarding reptilians to see value in what he is doing. As a matter of fact, he doesn't mention that subject once during this video. I challenge anyone to look into the drills that coincided with 9/11 or 7/7 (or other events) - especially those that are outright dismissive.


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Friday, November 20, 2015

The FDA Has Now Approved GMO Salmon

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FDA approves experimental GMO salmon for human consumption despite lack of adequate safety studies

(NaturalNews) Just as we predicted, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has brazenly betrayed the public's trust by approving the world's first genetically modified (GM) animal in direct defiance of science – a transgenic salmon branded "AquAdvantage" that has never been proven safe for human consumption or the natural environment.


How is it that any of us can actually be surprised? Obama, like many of his predecessors, has appointed key insiders into high positions within the alphabet agencies - and many within the upper echelon of the FDA come from biotech. I find this absolutely disgusting. This should warrant a massive backlash; how is it that people demonize CO2, an natural gas that is absolutely necessary for life on this planet, and have zero issue with some biotech conglomerate playing Dr. Frankenstein with plant and animal life? Of course, these frankenfish will come complete with a patent (I am still at a loss as to how one can patent life); what happens then if these fish overtake wild salmon? If you think farmed fish never escape into the wild I encourage you to do some research.

AquaBounty may have just one-upped Monsanto in vileness. Please do consider slamming AquaBounty's (as well as the FDA's) social media pages with what your think - add them and post to their Facebook wall, hashtag them on Twitter, and comment on their YouTube videos. Enough is enough...

AquaBounty Twitter (@AqueBountyTech)

FDA Facebook

FDA Twitter (@US_FDA)

And again, due to zero regulations on labeling, consumers will not even know they may be consuming this garbage. Just imagine what impact this might have on actual fishermen in the Pacific Northwest? What is it going to take for us to have had enough?

Please get up of your butts and please contact your representatives and senators.

Find your Representative

Contact your Senator


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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Japanese 2015-2016 Dolphin Season is Ongoing

At the time of writing this, there are two pods of pilot whales netted off within the Taiji cove.

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
November 19, 2015

Sea Shepherd's Operation Henkaku is in Taiji, Japan, monitoring and documenting events. If this mission resonates with you at all I encourage you to make a donation which you are comfortable with - the people on the ground in Taiji are taking time away from their families, jobs, and responsibilities - they are all volunteers. Please consider going to their resources and sharing what you find with others; via word of mouth, emails, or, if you use social media, use that. If the dialogue and concern reaches the level it did last year the celebrity band wagoners and media will exert more light on this and, in turn, more pressure onto Japan.

Operation Henkaku Website (you can find live streams here as well as archival footage).

Cove Guardians Twitter

Cove Guardians Facebook

How you can help!


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