Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On ingredients and the facade of health and safety...

I came home today to find that my cat (twelve days out from minor surgery) had pulled open the scab beneath his stitches.  I read on an online forum about a product called "Bitter Apple" made by a company calling itself Grannick.  This product is supposed to make cats and dogs not want to lick the same place twice due to, what I guess they consider, it tasting bad.  So I looked it up wondering what they put in it, a product they deem safe enough to put on an open wound.  Here are the listed ingredients:

Water, isopropanol 20%, bitter principles, and extractives.

So, could they be any more vague here???  "Bitter principles" and "extractives"?!?  Seriously, who out there is aiming to steal Gammick's share of the market with a similar product?  Not very hard to find things dogs and (especially) cats hate; my cat absolutely hates citrus for example.

Trade secrecy laws are ridiculous and dismiss our health and the right to make informed decisions/right-to-know.  And, once again, those holding public office, both with a "D" or an "R" by their name couldn't give a damn; they are busy reaping the rewards put forth by lobbies [or in many cases these people in office are from the respective industry itself].  These public officials, along with publicly installed bio-tech executives, also deny any right to know whether or not the food we and our loved ones consume to be genetically modified.

How about I create a canned food product and try and get it distributed to local supermarkets while only stating the ingredients as plant material and liquid?  Who would want to eat that shit if I was peddling it on a busy intersection corner?!?  Yet all of those people that would look the other way and refuse my hypothetical product will later march into a market and buy food, lotions, medicines, cleaning products, drinks, soaps, laundry detergents, etc., without a fucking clue as to what is actually in it.  They operate on blind faith, one that believes [for some strange reason] a company seeking profit would never put anything unhealthy on a store shelf, or, are either suffering from absolute laziness and/or stubborn ignorance.  Obviously there are more people out there that would rather live life in a silly haze of ignorance.

Here's a few examples of some products I have around the house that scare me enough to change my buying habits:

Snapple Peach Iced Tea - these guys use the extremely vague term "natural ingredients"
Tom's of Maine 24 Hour Deodorant - the NUMBER 1 ingredient is propylene glycol, which is a suspected carcinogen  
Garnier Hair Wax - Phenoxyethanol, which the flaccid FDA itself states "is a preservative that is primarily used in cosmetics and medications. It also can depress the central nervous system and may cause vomiting and diarrhea"

The three items above are a tiny fraction of the amount of stuff people, including myself, use every day.  There is always the back and forth banter on individual ingredients and substances (ex. high fructose corn syrup) like this with industry sponsored writers the naysayers to any negative claim...  For those of you that find being mindful of what you buy and use silly, enjoy being a guinea pig.

For those that don't find this funny or silly I highly, highly, very highly recommend a book called "The Hundred Year Lie"... if you do have what it takes to read it you will not quite be the same.

It is a disturbing thought that 50% of the human population will develop cancer at least once during their lifespan... not surprising though.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ever want your own lobby?

Apparently the American political system is so broken and so corrupt due to the corporate buying of politicians that there is going to be a new site aimed at allowing ordinary voters to pool their money to purchase their own lobby.

Yes, when the same interests have just about every dog in the race your vote doesn't count.   It's a pretty sad reality to think that on top of paying taxes and voting you probably do have to pump all sorts of cash into your own lobby to get anything done.

Want to read a bit more about YouLobby?  Check out this article: Website Seeks to Help Public Hire Lobbyists

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ron Paul Constitution Money Bomb

If you care at all about protecting/restoring the Constitution, taking our economy back, and our sovereignty here in the U.S. and would also like to possibly end wars for corporate/banking profit, PLEASE DONATE HERE.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

UK PM and French President visit Tripoli!

"British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy offered broad support for Libya's new rulers Thursday, promising to unfreeze billions in assets and give help in finding Moammar Gadhafi, even as revolutionary forces attempted their first significant assault on the ousted leader's hometown."

Now, just who do Mr. Cameron and Mr. Sarkozy think they are?  From who were they given any sort of authority in Libya, and further, WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE TO SAY THAT GADHAFI HAS NO PLACE IN LIBYA?!?!?  From where I am standing (or sitting) these two, and their absent cohort Obama, have NO place in Libya or Libyan affairs.

And, how ironic is it that they claim to have killed someone believed to be a top al qaeda commander (verified via camera/screen from a pilot flying a drone in Nevada), all the while Cameron, Obama, and Sarkozy aid elements of al qaeda in Libya???  And people seriously believe this "war on terror" BS?  But then again, why am I surprised?  My fellow American citizens (enough to make news on groundbreaking NPR radio), while many of them LOVE Obama, are furious of a speech by Obama that begins five minutes before kick-off of a FOOTBALL GAME!  No doubt his speech is all globalist fluff meant to pacify, but it illustrates the average American's disinterest and laziness.  Unfortunately, the U.S. is doomed to spiral further down the toilet before anything, and I mean anything worth changing, will change.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taking hypocrisy to a new level...

This has been a pretty horrible week for me personally.  Aside from a job I absolutely dislike (what am I going to do?), for one reason or another, and my failure to save a two week old kitten some homeless lady had, I am currently listening to NPR in the car (I don't know why because for the most part it is absolute crap).

I have long thought what has been transpiring in Libya to be a criminal act.  I could see right through the corporate media's reports and spin.  I knew, or had a good grasp on the reasons, why and how the western powers (under the thumb of the globalist banking elite) were supporting TRUE insurgents within what should be a sovereign nation.  Anyone with a shred of knowledge of world affairs can surmise it has absolutely nothing to do with a humanitarian effort.  NATO are supporting and assisting elements of the globalist wild card... al qaeda.  NATO is supporting the toppling of a regime that actually has a vested interest in African affairs and has actually served of benefit (extent is arguable, but the fact remains they weren't doing harm) the people of the African continent.  NATO is supporting the overthrow of a regime that has come to sit at the table with the "west" post-9/11.  Yet, we, basically under a controlled media, are supposed to believe a one-sided account of the Libyan government.  Ask anyone that has recently visited a foreign nation, outside of France, the UK, Canada, and the US, and, if they are honest, they will tell you of images concocting a very different reality than what can be seen and heard on NBC or CNN (or Fox and NPR - you get the jist here).

While I was listening to NPR they were interviewing people and talking about how they think everything will work out and democracy will flourish (where the hell have these morons been to even consider this a possibility?) among the people.  They then, immediately went into a piece that scratched the surface to how much Gaddafi is actually liked, stating he has many friends within Africa and "he has done very much throughout Africa, such as building mosques and assisting the impoverished".  Is Gaddafi really naughty or nice?  How the fuck do I know... how do you know?  Sure as hell, neither of us know and I am, I think, among the very few that finds this all rather sad and the fact that your average American just laps up what the media throws out like a kitten to milk beyond pathetic.


On top of all this, we here in America, have a president that sidelines our Congress, commits resources and forces to Libya [or off of] by the authority of the United Nations (I thought I live in the United States, not the United Nations).  Worse more, we have a population that doesn't notice (or doesn't care) any of this [way back to 9/11], one that elects Representatives that do not care about anything other than campaign contributions/gifts/staying in office.  I am finding myself, now more than ever, wanting to leave this country.  I don't want my taxes paying for this (or for Goldman Sachs bonuses or illegal immigrant educations or Iraq or Yemen or Pakistan or Iran or Afghanistan).  I am sick of sitting by as a spectator... and in a sea of ignorance and bliss you are completely at the mercy of the idiot masses. Also, the problem for those of us that would like to find a new country the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes are doing so nearly everywhere else on this planet.

If I believed in a god or that praying did anything at all I would no doubt be praying for those in Libya defending from insurgents and withstanding misguided bombs.  How is it when my country invades another nation, based on lies and falsehoods, that the people of the nation invaded become insurgent and terrorists should they resist invasion or attempt to rise up against it???  I can only hope those that create more suffering and needless conflict never be whole or happy... and one day be held accountable.  I wish the fairy tale of a fiery hell and horned devil was real.  If it was at least there would be job growth there and at least there would be accountability finally.

Want to learn about al qaeda and the Libyan takeover?  Read THIS(!) article please.