Thursday, February 16, 2012

What do you see in these (5000 year old) pictures?

The following is an Australian Aborigine cave paintings which are possibly 5000 years old.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Feels like winter outside...

I tried taking some pics of the crazy cloud display but the sun got in the way of most...

... like this picture.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Chemtrail vs Contrail; a picture is worth [more than] a thousand words.

I took this February 4th (as in not even a week ago).  Nothing else needs to be said... although some asshole out there would likely say to me that those two points in the sky might, just might, happen to differ enough to cause this (which I've had people attempt to tell me before - the stubborn stupidity of some people is truly amazing).

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

California - Where is my Dream Act?

I cant believe the state of California actually passed a Dream Act for non-citizens to receive college scholarships etc. I think that just to be here due to their parents decision is not enough... there already is so much within Hispanic culture that keeps so many from assimilating into US society (even so far as for studios to create English-speaking shows specifically for Hispanics).

Further, the state of California is broke, so broke in fact that the moronic governor that signed this absurd bill, went on to state that if the debt/deficit could not be wrangled there would be massive cuts to social programs and of course, a jump (of up to 50%) in tuition fees for our actual citizens.

What is the reason for all of this? Why is it a fact that for the citizen student, struggling on their own, the following is often the reality; to incur masses of debt, struggle, not be allowed entry to university due to many factors aside from academic performance, pay increasingly higher tuition fees, not be eligible for certain scholarships etc, or simply just not able to make ends meet enough to even attend. The irony that there are those that wish to give the opportunity to obtain a "higher education" (oxymoron) to non-citizens, often these are people that do not integrate into US society and instead assimilate and "enclave" - always defining lines in the sand... is beyond me. 

There is only one purpose that I can see; to further destroy and cripple the middle class among the citizenry of this country as well as to assist globalism by eroding sovereignty - the citizen of a nation pays the tax and receives nothing in return. The same thing could easily happen in other nations like France... but I believe their government will not sell out their citizens first.


2/18:  When I was 18-19 my girlfriend at the time (half-Mexican / half-Italian) received nearly a full ride to a University of California school... and a large part of that was due to her racial makeup [why do they call it "the human race" anyways?]; at that time I couldn't get a loan or grant for $100 due to my parents being middle class [yes you are considered an adult but you are not in control of your education - what a joke].  This was a long time ago (90's), long before the Dream Act etc...  The way in which the people supporting and advocating the Dream Act conduct themselves leads me to believe that if you give an inch they will want a mile; give a mile they will want five.  Someone once told me that if we gave California to these people they would eventually want Oregon and Nevada... and I now firmly agree with this [the whole Aztlan/ la Raza thing adds to this sentiment].  In my book, there are only two groups of people that have some sort of rightful entitlement here in the U.S., and that would be the Native American tribes that we displaced and forced off their land, and any individual who is here because a relative was brought over in chains... period [even then though, I will quote Minor Threat - "You blame me for slavery, A hundred years before I was born"].  Why do the American taxpayers need to be responsible with foreign nationals higher education - shouldn't our own citizens receiving a college education be a priority [after-all, we are going to lose so many people in science fields in the next 10-15 years and academically we are becoming the dunces of the planet that only carry a big stick]?  Does this not provide even greater reason for people to enter the U.S. illegally... the term "anchor baby" comes to mind; before you get insulted I will say that the term isn't a summary of the individual's worth, it is simply a term denoting that impoverished parents realize what can be had in the U.S. if they squeezed them out here... the cherry-on-top is they won't even have to pay the hospital fees.  Put it this way; if you live in a corrupt, poor nation with no seeming way for you to obtain upward mobility, and if you had multiple kids and never practiced safe sex, you too would find a country that would pay via taxes for all your children's healthcare and education a very appealing alternative to staying put and fighting to right the wrongs in your nation... never-mind the fact that in this case the donor nation and its taxpayers are against-the-ropes financially.

Makes me think though... I always wanted to go to Cozumel; maybe I will move their under-the-radar and let them pay for my degree while I surf and live on the beach.