Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coke and Pepsi contain known carcinogen...

But hey, they will put a little less in them from now on... only so they don't need to put a warning label on their products...

First, a little back story:

New chemical analyses have found that Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Diet Coke, and Diet Pepsi contain high levels of 4-methylimidazole (4-MI), a known animal carcinogen [um, you reading this, are an animal despite what you might think]. The carcinogen forms when ammonia or ammonia and sulfites are used to manufacture the “caramel coloring” that gives those sodas their distinctive brown colors, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the nonprofit watchdog group that commissioned the tests. CSPI first petitioned the FDA to ban ammonia-sulfite caramel coloring in February 2011.

CSPI today reiterated its call to the Food and Drug Administration to revoke its authorization for caramel colorings that contain 4-MI, and in the interim to change the name of the additive to “ammonia-sulfite process caramel coloring” or “chemically modified caramel coloring” for labeling purposes.

“Coke and Pepsi, with the acquiescence of the FDA, are needlessly exposing millions of Americans to a chemical that causes cancer,” said CSPI executive director Michael F. Jacobson. “The coloring is completely cosmetic, adding nothing to the flavor of the product. If companies can make brown food coloring that is carcinogen-free, the industry should use that. And industry seems to be moving in that direction. Otherwise, the FDA needs to protect consumers from this risk by banning the coloring.”

The FDA was going to make the companies using this particular food coloring label their products with a warning.  In response the companies will now simply make some slight adjustments to the formula, thus circumventing the FDA's ruling:

In short; Coke and Pepsi just decided to reduce the 4-MEI level in their sodas, so they don’t have to display a “CANCER WARNING” label, but they aren’t going to take it out of the recipe.

Beverage powerhouses PepsiCo and Coca-Cola will modify the caramel coloring in their sodas to avoid a cancer  warning label that a new California law requires when drinks contain a certain amount of carcinogens.

The state of California added ammonia sulfite, or 4-MI, to its list of known carcinogens last year. Along with the state list, a consumer group known as the Center for Science in the Public Interest claimed a chemical in the sodas’ coloring is linked to cancer in animals and exceeds allowable levels in U.S. food supply.

Now of course there are people that downplay that the food coloring in question is a known carcinogen.  If you want to believe the FDA (you'd need to drink 1,000 sodas per day) or PepsiCo or Coke go right on ahead... but they won't get my money any more, and I don't trust the FDA whatsoever, and obviously I don't trust these companies.  

In the end, why the f*** do they need to color it to begin with?!?  Who cares what color it is?  Who finds dark brown to be a cool color as well?  Not me.

The many benefits of eating meat...

Shoot... this is vegetables and fruit.  Where did the one go that had things like steak, ham, bacon, etc?  Oh wait a minute; I couldn't find one.  Please if anyone has information on the health benefits, aside from a source of protein and "it tastes good", regarding the consumption of meat, please send it to me.

Here is the results from some silly poll:
Isn't it funny how the only government subsidized products in agriculture is dairy, meat, and GMO corn... isn't it? 

Bilderberg = Global Mafia

An exclusive interview with legendary Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker who has reported on the secret Bilderberg meetings since 1975. This was recorded during last years Bilderberg conference in Switzerland.

Toxic tuna bring radiation to California...

Across the vast Pacific, the mighty bluefin tuna carried radioactive contamination that leaked from Japan's crippled nuclear plant to the shores of the United States 6,000 miles away — the first time a huge migrating fish has been shown to carry radioactivity such a distance.

"We were frankly kind of startled," said Nicholas Fisher, one of the researchers reporting the findings online Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The levels of radioactive cesium were 10 times higher than the amount measured in tuna off the California coast in previous years. But even so, that's still far below safe-to-eat limits set by the U.S. and Japanese governments.

Previously, smaller fish and plankton were found with elevated levels of radiation in Japanese waters after a magnitude-9 earthquake in March 2011 triggered a tsunami that badly damaged the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactors.

But scientists did not expect the nuclear fallout to linger in huge fish that sail the world because such fish can metabolize and shed radioactive substances.

One of the largest and speediest fish, Pacific bluefin tuna can grow to 10 feet and weigh more than 1,000 pounds. They spawn off the Japan coast and swim east at breakneck speed to school in waters off California and the tip of Baja California, Mexico.

Five months after the Fukushima disaster, Fisher of Stony Brook University in New York and a team decided to test Pacific bluefin that were caught off the coast of San Diego. To their surprise, tissue samples from all 15 tuna captured contained levels of two radioactive substances — ceisum-134 and cesium-137 — that were higher than in previous catches.

To rule out the possibility that the radiation was carried by ocean currents or deposited in the sea through the atmosphere, the team also analyzed yellowfin tuna, found in the eastern Pacific, and bluefin that migrated to Southern California before the nuclear crisis. They found no trace of cesium-134 and only background levels of cesium-137 left over from nuclear weapons testing in the 1960s.
The results "are unequivocal. Fukushima was the source," said Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who had no role in the research.

Bluefin tuna absorbed radioactive cesium from swimming in contaminated waters and feeding on contaminated prey such as krill and squid, the scientists said. As the predators made the journey east, they shed some of the radiation through metabolism and as they grew larger. Even so, they weren't able to completely flush out all the contamination from their system.

"That's a big ocean. To swim across it and still retain these radionuclides is pretty amazing," Fisher said.

Pacific bluefin tuna are prized in Japan where a thin slice of the tender red meat prepared as sushi can fetch $24 per piece at top Tokyo restaurants. Japanese consume 80 percent of the world's Pacific and Atlantic bluefin tuna.

The real test of how radioactivity affects tuna populations comes this summer when researchers planned to repeat the study with a larger number of samples. Bluefin tuna that journeyed last year were exposed to radiation for about a month. The upcoming travelers have been swimming in radioactive waters for a longer period. How this will affect concentrations of contamination remains to be seen.

Now that scientists know that bluefin tuna can transport radiation, they also want to track the movements of other migratory species including sea turtles, sharks and seabirds.



Bluefin tuna are endangered.  I guess now they have another thing to fear aside from nets and fishermen hooks.  Or maybe, the tuna will have the last laugh on the sushi connoisseur?  And, for some reason, the United States government refuses to put the fish on the endangered list.  Anyways, this post isn't about the plight of tuna.

Also, remember Japan is burning radioactive debris, which essentially causes hot particles to become airborne which are later found within the western states of the U.S.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bill Gates: the phalanthropic eugnenicist.

Oral Polio Vaccine: Infecting Unvaccinated Kids!

"Nigeria and most other poor nations use an oral polio vaccine because it's cheaper, easier, and protects entire communities.

But it is made from a live polio virus - albeit weakened - which carries a small risk of causing polio for every million or so doses given. In even rarer instances, the virus in the vaccine can mutate into a deadlier version that ignites new outbreaks."

Yes people, take your flu shots.  Flu shots may contain any of the following ingredients; mercury/thimerosal, ethylene glycol (also used as antifreeze), phenol (ie. carbolic acid, used as a disinfectant and dye), formaldehyde (yes the stuff that might also one day be used to embalm you), aluminum, and antibiotics such as neomycin and streptomycin... and, not to mention whatever possible animal ingredients.

And yes people, when your children are so young their blood/brain barrier isn't complete and their immune system is immature, go ahead and shoot them full of god knows what; some of the ingredients in vaccines include human DNA as well as toxins like those named above.  And if you're uncomfortable with doing this, go ahead and give in because you will have an uphill fight with the education system... after all, it's the state's child, not yours, and it is easier to just go with it.

I haven't received a flu shot or vaccine since I was on active duty in the service over ten years ago, and I rarely get sick (I can count on one hand for the last 6-7 years or more), I rarely get a cold as well... while the people I know that do get their annual flu shots are sick or have colds with somewhat regular frequency.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Texas students to be microchipped...

If it’s good enough for a dog, it’s good enough for a kid, right? A school district in Texas will be watching over its students a lot more closely, but not with the aid of extra teachers. Instead each pupil will be monitored with microchips.

Officials at the Northside Independent School District in rural Bexar County, Texas have approved a plan to track the whereabouts of each and every student by requiring them to walk the halls with identification cards in their pockets that are equipped with RFID microchips.

By using Radio Frequency Identification System technology, teachers and faculty will be able to monitor the move of over 6,000 students at two select schools and every pupil with special needs throughout the district as soon as next semester. If the pilot program is a success, the district intends on expanding the tracking system to all of its 112 schools, totaling nearly 100,000 students.

Backers of the program say the move is well intentioned and will actually bring the school millions of dollars in extra funding. Ghastly attendance rates in Bexar County currently keeps the district from earning around $175,000 a day in state assistance, reports KHOU News out of San Antonio, TX. Speaking to that city’s Express-News, district spokesman Pascual Gonzalez explains that the school wants “to harness the power of (the) technology to make schools safer, know where our students are all the time in a school, and increase revenue.” 

When each step of the students is being watched by administrators, the district expects to see their absentee count drop drastically. But is it worth the cost of killing the privacy of thousands?

“It’s going to give us the opportunity to track our students in the building," Principal Wendy Reyes of Jones Middle School tells KHOU. “They may have been in the nurse’s office, or the counselor’s office, or vice principal’s office, but they were marked absent from the classroom because they weren't sitting in the class. It will help us have a more accurate account of our attendance.”

It will also let teachers know who is in the bathroom and for how long and monitor the group habits of students. It could also become catastrophic, of course, if the very sensitive data ends up in the wrong hands. Similar programs were pitched elsewhere in recent years, but in other instances the American Civil Liberties Union stepped up to speak out; in many cases, the programs were shot down after the ACLU intervened.
"We are urging the school board to recognize the important civil liberties concerns and safety risks implicated in RFID technology," the ACLU’s Nicole Ozer, the technology and civil Liberties policy director of their Northern California office, wrote in a statement back in 2005 . "RFID badges jeopardize the safety and security of children by broadcasting identity and location information to anyone with a chip reader and subject students to demeaning tracking of their movements. We hope the school district reconsiders this serious issue." 

In that case, the ACLU was opposed to a program at Brittan Elementary School Board in Sutter, California where youngsters were being tracked with RFID chips. Even though that kind of technology has become both more advanced and commonplace in the seven years since, it doesn’t change the concerns that continue to arise.

"The monitoring of children with RFID tags is comparable to the tracking of cattle, shipment pallets, or very dangerous criminals in high-security prisons," Cédric Laurant of EPIC told the ACLU in 2005. "Compelling children to be constantly tracked with RFID-enabled identity badges breaches their right to privacy and dignity as human beings."

But, hey — how else is the school going to raise a few grand?

“I think this is overstepping our bounds and is inappropriate,” Northside school board trustee M'Lissa M. Chumbley tells other district officials this week. “I'm honestly uncomfortable about this.”

Kirsten Bokenkamp of the ACLU tells the San Antonio Express-News that her organization is once again alarmed by Northside’s plans to implement the program. They are expected to challenge the board’s decision this time around too.



The "authorities" and their masters have been trying to attach RFID chips to us... which can be used for a myriad of things.  Many products leave store shelves with RFID chips imbedded within the packaging or the product itself.

Here is an excerpt from California regarding RFID:

The picture above is worth a thousand words - it illustrates that RFID use is tied in to globalism.  What I would like to know, but will likely never learn, is why people that can have whatever they want in life, why is it that the only thing they seem to want is to control? 

RIP Aaron Russo

AmeriPAC - the American Politics As Usual Comittiee

Some how I ended up on this "organizations" email distribution list.  Today when I checked my email I saw an email from them titled "This is Our country, not the United Nations", regarding UN Agenda 21, which is real, but when hitting any of the links in their email, links that are supposed to encourage people to email their Representatives and whatnot, this is what you get:

As you can see, these morons care so much about trying to thwart globalism that they want to charge you to send correspondence to the roaches in DC.  Further, if you look at the first picture at the top of this post you will see that AmeriPAC is indeed full of morons that are stuck with the belief that Republicans are different than Democrats.

"Since 1980, AmeriPAC has helped fund and elect a large number of candidates to public office."

Hey AmeriPAC, you've been doing the same shit now for what, by your own admission, thirty-two fucking years?  Your organization has surely done absolutely nothing aside from coddling ignorant, myopic, and absurd partisan politics.  Where were you the whole time globalist agendas have been carried forth from R to D and back?  While I am not a fan of Obama just as I wasn't a fan of Bush or Clinton, the myopic focus you have on Obama is silly and immature; do you really think Obama is in control and if he no longer sits in office the agenda ceases?!?

Needless to say, I hit the unsubscribe link.  What a joke.  

Where were assholes like this and the Tea Party hijackers (yes, the tea party was hijacked by morons - it was started by Ron Paul supporters and taken over by partisan R idiots) when Bush was in Office?  Where are the liberal democrats now and where were they when Clinton was setting the precedent of fucking over our economy?

Just, I beg of anyone reading this, KNOW that the left/right political game is a sham and a distraction; they vary only on the surface, and agendas are carried by both... and the reason why one side displays dissent at a time is because they are trapped in a fake paradigm.

More than 110,000 U.S. soldiers suffering from psychological issues...

Originally published May 28 2012

More than 110,000 U.S. soldiers remain on antidepressants and sedatives

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Analysts and experts have long maintained that the duration of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are having a detrimental effect on the nation's military personnel. Nowhere have the problems of high operational tempos and repeated combat deployments manifested themselves more than in the tens of thousands of soldiers and others who are increasingly being medicated in order to deal with the stress.

In fact, according to recent figures released by the Army's surgeon general, more than 110,000 U.S. Army personnel were taking antidepressants, narcotics, sedatives, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs that were prescribed to them by doctors.

With a renewed focus on individual soldier readiness by the Pentagon after a decade of war, it should trouble Defense Department officials - civilians and top officers alike - that nearly 8 percent of active duty Army troops are on sedatives, and another 6 percent are on antidepressants, figures that are up eightfold since 2005.

So many psychotropic drug prescriptions are having an effect on more than just readiness, but also on legal issues affecting military members.

"In a small but growing number of cases across the nation, lawyers are blaming the U.S. military's heavy use of psychotropic drugs for their clients' aberrant behavior and related health problems," The Los Angeles Times reported in early April.

See the NaturalNews infographic on the psychiatric drugging of soldiers at:

The problem is bad and getting worse

Bart Billings, a former military psychologist who hosts an annual conference on combat stress, said the problem is real and it's growing.

"We have never medicated our troops to the extent we are doing now.... And I don't believe the current increase in suicides and homicides in the military is a coincidence," he told the paper.

Indeed, the Army suicide rate fell for the first time in four years in 2011, the result of aggressive service-wide efforts to identify those having problems early-on.

But the rate is still high. It's about 24 per 100,000 last year, which is higher than a similar demographic among civilians, about 19 per 100,000. Among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, that rate is even higher - about 38 per 100,000.

Other problems are increasing too. "Sexual assault and domestic violence have increased. The percentage of soldiers committing sex crimes has increased 32 percent since 2006," USA Today reported. "The number of domestic abusers in the Army grew by almost 50 percent from 4,827 in 2008 to 7,228 last year. During that same, the number of child-abuse offenders is up 62 percent from 3,172 to 5,149."

Too many meds, too little control

Clearly, the up-tempo has had a negative effect on our fighting force. But making excuses or explaining away the phenomenon is denial, and it's not going to help the Pentagon and Congress solve the problem.

"It's not that we're using them more frequently or any differently," said Col. Carol Labadie, the pharmacy consultant for the Army surgeon general. "As with any medication, you have to look at weighing the risk versus the benefits of somebody going on a medication."

Experts say the problem isn't necessarily in the numbers. It's that you can't regulate the use of such medications in the military as easily as you can in the civilian world.

Follow-up appointments, for example, are few and far between - especially on the battlefield. And soldiers are often sent out into combat zones with six months' worth of medications, enough to trade with their buddies or grab a fistful of pills at the end of a particularly stressful day or mission. Soldiers who have been wounded can easily become addicted to painkillers they are given.

"The big difference is these are people who have access to loaded weapons, or have responsibility for protecting other individuals who are in harm's way," Grace Jackson, a former Navy staff psychiatrist who resigned her commission in 2002 in part out of concern that military shrinks were handing out too many medications, told the Times.

The problem has begun to show up in court, where, increasingly, lawyers for military members on meds have begun to argue - successfully - that the psychotropic drug made them do it.

James Culp, a former Army paratrooper who has since become a high-profile military defense lawyer, says he's recently defended an Army private accused of murder. His defense? The soldier's mental condition was exacerbated by the Zoloft he was prescribed.

"What do you do when 30-80 percent of the people that you have in the military have gone on three or more deployments, and they are mentally worn out? What do you do when they can't sleep? You make a calculated risk in prescribing these medications," Culp told the paper.

Sources for this article include:


This week [May 28, 2012] in Newsweek there is an article on U.S. military suicides.  Good that it is getting some attention; bad that they don't call it as it is - the war on terror is a sham and the military has become a globalist tool (international bankers>corporations>government>military>citizenry) for progressing their agenda, which of course involves the control and capture of natural resources, installation of puppet regimes, and applied pressure on Iran and China. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Norway comes to Iceland's defense...

Words by Paul Fontaine

Norway and Liechtenstein have both submitted letters of defence of Iceland in the Icesave case set to go to European Free Trade Association (EFTA) court.

As reported, when the banks collapsed in October 2008, Landsbanki made a fateful decision: Icelanders were able to withdraw from their deposits, but many - if not most - foreigners could not. This decision may have been a violation of Iceland's treaty with EFTA, and as such, the Icelandic government will have to appear in EFTA court to answer for it.

Every country in EFTA is allowed to participate in the trial to some extent. The deadline for said participation ran out at midnight last night, and RÚV now reports that four countries have submitted statements to the court: Britain, Holland, Norway and Liechtenstein - the latter two defending Iceland.

The two countries argue that Iceland could not possibly bear responsibility for deposits made into Icesave, a private bank. Although the law is fairly clear about governments in EFTA bearing the ultimate responsibility for the deposits in their banks, Norway and Liechtenstein argue that the debt acquired by Icesave - and by extension, Landsbanki - had grown so large that it would be virtually impossible for the government to cover the deposits without going bankrupt. Britain and Holland, as might be expected, argue that on the contrary; the law is the law, and Iceland is responsible.

The trial is set to begin some time this year.


I guess, according to Britain and Holland, even though the Icelandic citizenry took care of business with their corrupt government officials [after ten minutes of research it appears they are still entangled within the globalist banking web - they changed nothing], don't want NATO forces on their land, and don't want to be enslaved by the IMF/World Bank, everyone should just go get fucked...  Absurd.

Anyways, I was under the opinion that the people of Iceland wanted nothing to do with the IMF and globalist scheme, and yet now, I find this:

"The IMF’s executive board on Aug. 26 completed the sixth and final review of Iceland’s economic performance. The review allows for about €312.4 million, or $450.6 million, in IMF funds for Iceland, bringing total disbursements under the program to an amount equivalent to about $2.25 billion.
Iceland will spend the next three years paying off those IMF loans—and the IMF warns that Iceland’s more immediate economic problems are not resolved." [source]

Iceland also, it appears, has, or had, participated militarily within Iraq.

"The two countries argue that Iceland could not possibly bear responsibility for deposits made into Icesave, a private bank."

If the Icelandic government and people are not responsible for deposits and investments with private banks then why did they accept a $4.6billion IMF bailout???

So, what is it Iceland?  You say yes, then no, and then yes.  Enjoy paying back the IMF.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Clean natural gas is a myth...

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
May 14, 2012

Considering corporations are striving for the access rights to frack for natural gas trapped underground, and that this process consists of extreme water waste as well as contaminating ground water with chemicals [of which they will not even disclose to the federal government - they hide behind "trade secrecy"], that should be enough right there to have people calling foul.  What about people able to light their tap water on fire?  Pets and people with skin problems and hair falling out in areas contaminated by hydraulic fracturing?

And yet, people in the big city see those silly government cars and city buses that state "clean natural gas" and don't even think twice; hey if they say "clean" it must be right?  Besides, why would anyone be concerned with what is happening back east or up in Wyoming and Idaho, and so on?  Hey, there's the demon of man-made global warming about and it's popular to tout anything aside from petroleum.

I want you to take a look at this graph... the data is old, but look at the difference in CO2 emission with natural gas compared to gasoline... and ethanol.

Here's the thing; if the process of getting society "clean" natural gas makes ground water undrinkable, harms animals (yeah, that includes you too), wastes an insane amount of water during the process of extraction, and leaves chemicals behind of which we know nothing about aside from it makes animals sick, is it worth it?

You can bet CNG corporations have a lobby.  You can bet that lobby wines and dines those in office.  You can bet people are educated to believe in CNG.  You can bet, especially if oil in the ground is not being replenished fast enough to keep up with demand, that these are savvy people that see a huge market, beyond that of buses and government Honda Civics cruising around on their product... and you can bet that it will provide no further advancement for sustainable energy for the world.  In essence, it is a for-profit game, just as oil is... the only upside is the dirty work can be done in your backyard and there isn't a need for economic hitmen [yet].

Here's what one Texan had to say on fracking in his neighborhood:

"I called the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality when this was going on in Denton, Texas, and the levels of Benzene, Toulene, and Carbon Disulfides was off the charts."

Do yourself a favor, rent the documentary Gasland; it will get you started on the road to fact.

Do your own investigating.

Natural gas is about as clean as your news; you might see images after a place is bombed to high heaven, but there are no bodies, blood, etc... and yeah, you feel good about that...  Time to wake up.  Natural gas, and the companies extracting it, are providing a sideshow... a sideshow on a road that should be heading towards sustainable [possibly free] energy, but is, and always has been, hijacked by the corporation and their prostitutes in government office, after all, there is money to be made.

 The Corporation: The New Religion

As I have always said; lobbies must be banned, and just like we once severed church and state, we now must do so between business and politics; if we don't we will always be held captive and fall short of our potential due to individual greed... it is as simple as that.  Carbon tax schemes and all the rest is just another example of a scheme to make money and control commerce and industry by the "elite"... I give you my word, as long as politics shares corporate goals, politicians will serve the corporation, and as long as we let it go NOTHING WILL CHANGE.  And, in the end, we are all to blame.

Further, cattle possibly helps make your "man-made" global warming a reality [while I think we can certainly be giving it a push I think we are largely ignorant and myopic regarding the planet and its trends - after all we are the new kids on the block, yet we like to believe we have it all figured out].   Again, another wasteful practice that eats up so much land devoted to it that could otherwise be utilized for growing crops.  But alas, ensuring no one goes hungry isn't a priority when you want your steak... yet there are those that like speaking out of both sides of their mouth.

One last thing I want to leave you with: why does it cost me less to buy a half gallon of Coke than it costs me to buy a liter of bottled water??? 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pussy Riot jailed and face up to seven years in Russia...

A Russian band called Pussy Riot protested publicly against Putin.  They may possibly face SEVEN YEARS... for WHAT???  Ridiculous.  Read about more here...

"Last week, a Moscow court extended their detention until June 24. Prosecutors had said they feared for the "safety" of the suspects. The group's lawyer, Nikolai Polozov, said last month death threats had been made against them and their children."  

It's always nice when people threaten someone's kids or family for something they had nothing to do with... further, playing music in a cathedral constitutes a fking death penalty according to some Russians?  My hat's off to those three girls; instead of running away from the problems they perceive their nation possesses [like many in Central America and North America for example] they are speaking up.  And of course they are not very liked in Russia, people that rock boats, whether regarding real,imagined, or exaggerated issues, are never liked by the majority.


In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. - Mark Twain, Notebook, 1904

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Goodbye Yauch; we'll see you on the other side...

You will rise again... that is, unless you've become too enlightened while you were here.


I have [fond] memories of listening to his music all the way back to being 13/14, skating to the liquor store to "fish" for someone to get us alcohol and then skating all the way back with 12-packs along busy streets, drinking beer, and sleeping in a tent in my friends front yard (along with 4-7 other guys).  License to Ill and Paul's Boutique was practically our soundtrack for mischief... with me through good and bad (bad times, like the time I was so sick I could barely walk from the parking lot to our seats when I went to see them in '95 in Oakland).  "3 Minute Rule" is running through my phones as I type this. 


One lonely Beastie I be
All by myself, without nobody
The sun is beatin' down on my baseball hat
The air is gettin' hot, the beer is gettin' flat

Lookin' for a girl, I ran into a guy
His name is MCA, I said, "Howdy," he said, "Hi"

He told a little story that sounded well rehearsed
Four days on the run and that he's dying of thirst
The brew was in my hand and he was on my tip
His voice was hoarse, his throat was dry, he asked me for a sip

He said, "Can I get some?" I said, "You can't get none"
And I had a chance to run, he pulled out his shotgun
Quick on the draw, I thought I'd be dead
He put the gun to my head and this is what he said

"Now my name is MCA, I got a license to kill
I think you know what time it is, it's time to get ill
Now what do we have here? An outlaw and his beer?
I run this land, you understand? I made myself clear"


Thanks Adam. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Poland wins battle against GMO's...

Monsanto's Mon810 corn, genetically engineered to produce a mutant version of the insecticide Bt, has been banned in Poland following protests by beekeepers who showed the corn was killing honeybees.

Poland is the first country to formally acknowledge the link between Monsanto's genetically engineered corn and the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) that's been devastating bees around the world. Many analysts believe that Monsanto has known the danger their GMOs posed to bees all along. The biotech giant recently purchased a CCD research firm, Beeologics, that government agencies, including the US Department of Agriculture, have been relying on for help unraveling the mystery behind the disappearance of the bees.

Now that it's owned by Monsanto, it's very unlikely that Beeologics will investigate the links, but genetically engineered crops have been implicated in CCD for years now.

Learn & Take Action:


Winning the mind is the biggest victory possible.

For a little back story please see this.

Pantene's spokeswoman (Zooey Deschanel) is a hypocrite...

Zooey Deschanel, star of Fox's New Girl, proclaimed her acceptance to become the new Pantene spokeswoman.  Deschanel (it sounds so much more official using a last name) is affiliated with, and has shared their common concern on the plight of pet rabbits which are abandoned after Easter... a fact that is as absurd as what I am about to write for you now.

How does an individual do both; represent a product manufactured and owned by one of largest and cruelest corporations to conduct animal testing, Proctor & Gamble, and then profess humane treatment of animals?

Click image for full-size.
Proctor & Gamble are so bad that Foster Gamble, a descendent of one of its founders, encouraged by the company's conduct and many other things, made the documentary Thrive.

I will tell you how.  She did not do her homework... it appears, that instead of researching what kind of company she was going to possibly represent, she saw money and free tubes of Pantene, or both (I don't know a single female that would put that shit in their hair anyways).

Click image for full-size.

I want to begin a campaign to encourage Zooey to decline; she has the power to send a message to companies that conduct animal testing of the highest form.

I'm asking any of you that, are anti-animal testing and anti-hypocrisy in general, to tweet and post on either hers or your Facebook how you find it disgusting that someone that professes to care about animal welfare can agree to represent such a company.  

In conclusion, the fact is she is guilty of one, two, or three of the following: either she was lazy and didn't do her homework, she doesn't give a damn about animals and it's [was] an act to begin with, for Deschanel money comes before principles, or she just plainly lacks principle altogether.

Please, do not hurl insults, be polite and factual.  With all things wherein lies what is right that is where strength lies.  Here is her Facebook and Twitter:

That isn't all I said... and in fact, I could have been more articulate in my main point... this was just my attempt at ironical humor.

And to you Zooey, don't be the spokeswoman for oxymorons and hypocrites everywhere.  In no way do I mean to insult, hurt, or injure character; rather, my intent is to build and enforce character.  At one time or another we are all guilty of making mistakes, but in this case, you've been served.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

HIV vaccine infects 172 patients...

If you do the math, the odds state 1 in 10 individuals became infected with HIV.

Personally, I don't do vaccines, nor do I necessarily believe they work; further, if the fact was they did work, I still take issue due to the fact of the other things you are dosed with.

Here is the conclusion from HIV Vaccine Trials Network:

"There was no evidence that the Merck Ad5 trivalent vaccine prevented infection or lowered viral set-point."

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I don't know if it is just me, but after reading the article I detect some classic doublespeak.  It appears that if a patient reacts to the vaccine they have a chance for increased susceptibility to HIV infection.

So wait a minute, let's see; 1 in 10 actually become infected and and unknown percentage were made more susceptible to infection by an increase of two or four times that of normal.  Looks to me Merck has another winner on their hands.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where aggressive cops come from...

Well then, watch this.

Some of these guys are going to come home... damaged, possibly permanently, and prime recruiting mentality for the police forces in the US that have become close to being paramilitary... and some will walk among us carrying a badge and a gun.

We need to get out of Iraq.  We were lied to, and nine years later no one has been held accountable, which is, of course, our fault.

This guy apparently isn't the only one that became deranged.

While I don't believe those serving in uniform can be labeled as bad or evil due to the actions of what may be a small minority, the fact remains that there has been and continues to be, little to no accountability, from the "king" on down. Further, actions such as this [and that's putting it very, very nicely] do nothing to help the situation we find ourselves in, nor does it help international opinion of Americans in general, and in fact, it worsens the image of the United States (deservedly, but I promise you globalists that sit in government and on the boards of multinational corporations don't give a damn about the US, to them the US is a vehicle in which to achieve one's goals, even if they drive it 'til it dies); the problem with this, aside from the atrocious acts committed, is that many people begin to think citizens like myself either condone or entirely don't care, which is not the case. Our media here in the US is tightly controlled, filtered, and sanitized [at times simply to ensure viewers stay with the programming for exposure to advertising, and of course, other times, well, you know]... one of the many reasons why the internet needs to continue without any government regulation or corporate control mechanisms... therefore the majority of individuals never hear of many instances that occur and it is very difficult for anyone to have an accurate picture of US foreign policy and actions abroad (in reality, it is very hard to get people concerned about what takes place here). The bottom line is that you have people caught in the middle of this ugliness on all sides, some are used as tools by western globalists (often these people have been convinced their use is for good) and others become the victims. The question is this: we were lied to into a war of aggression, and here we are nine years in, with no end in site (because there isn't supposed to be an end, there is a much bigger picture, and a much bigger agenda) - what does it say about us as American citizens, who continue to allow this to occur? If I hired a guy to work for me, to represent me, and he then went and hired someone to work for him and that person hurt you repeatedly, and I knew all of this yet sat silent and did nothing, am I ultimately responsible?

Monsanto and Blackwater... hand-in-hand...

"There has been a great deal of publicity over the potential purchase of Blackwater (now known as Academi, and Xe before that) by mega corporation Monsanto. While the two seem to be a great match, as they both fail to consider the morality and consequence of their actions, it seems that Monsanto is only involved with Blackwater in infiltrating activist groups who are opposed to the biotech giant — an operation quite sinister enough. The truth of the matter is that Academi (Blackwater) was purchased by private investors, and the heavily sourced article written by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation actually says nothing about Monsanto buying Blackwater.

What the articles does say, however, is that Monsanto and Blackwater are indeed working together to target anti-Monsanto activists and organizations. Known as far back as 2010, it was known that Blackwater’s client list included Monsanto, Chevron, Walt Disney and many more. According to documents obtained by Scahill, it was also revealed that Monsanto was willing to pay upwards of $500,000 in order for Blackwater to join anti-Monsanto activist groups and infiltrate the ranks. Furthermore, a number of internet-based tactics could be utilized as incognito PR for Monsanto, who undoubtedly knew opposition would mount against their GMO crops as more individuals became aware of the dangers."

California ballot to label GMO's...

On May 2, the California Label GMOs campaign turned in 971,126 signatures (almost twice the number we needed) for a November 2012 ballot initiative for labels on genetically engineered food.

 Monsanto is hard at work spreading lies in an attempt to confuse the more than 90% of voters who want labels on genetically engineered food. They're getting help from "California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse" (CALA), an industry front-group created by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) with funding from Monsanto. CALA's Maryann Marino, is the anti-labeling side's main spokesperson. Make no mistake, she represents Monsanto.

CALA/ATRA has backed Monsanto and the biotech industry in every legal dispute they've ever involved themselves in. They've come out in favor of Monsanto against the non-GMO farmers who don't want to be contaminated with Monsanto's altered genes and are seeking refuge from the 143 patent infringement lawsuits Monsanto has brought. They've supported Monsanto against people the company knowingly poisoned with PCBs. And, they've taken Syngenta's side in disputes over the company's endocrine-disrupting pesticide atrazine.

Unfortunately, the corporate media isn't investigating CALA's false claim that it represents farmers and small businesses. We need your help to bring the truth to light.



News coverage of the historic May 2 delivery of 971,126 signatures in support of GMO labels:


Wall Street Journal:


Sacramento Bee:

This post has borrowed from several sources, which, at 
the moment I am too lazy to cite; the point is providing 
information, not to pat ourselves on the back anyways.

Chick-fil-A vs. 'Eat More Kale'...


Apparently, Chick-fil-A thinks they have ownership of the words "eat mor"... and have decided to go after a guy in Vermont that is making t-shirts that say "Eat More Kale".  In the video below you will see that he isn't the first but is possibly the first to say fuck you to them and actually take them on (I sincerely hope he kicks their ass in court).  In 2009 it is reported that Chick-fil-A also paid $1,733,699 in donations to groups with anti-LGBT affiliations in 2009 [basically, someone at Chick-fil-A feels like it's their business what other people want to do with their time and life - mixing business and their politics]... I find that rather silly, but my problem with this company lies with their belief that they own "eat mor" and "eat more".  I guess they also may next decide they own each individual letter?  Further, these companies, should they actually file cases, and should they lose those cases due to frivolous claims such as this, they should absolutely be penalized with a hefty fine as well as cover all costs of their victim.

 So, please don't give these greedy assholes money.  In my life so far I haven't given them one cent.

This type of behavior by the big corporations is nothing new and will likely get worse if nobody takes a stand... as we all know big business has paid for their friends in DC, and those political prostitutes in Washington DC never favor the small and mid-size companies [for example look into Obamacare].

Another example of Monsanto-an legal tactics occurred in 2011 involving a cereal brand.  In 2011 a dispute over the use of a bird in logos was concluded; one in which Kellogg apparently believed them, and only them, should be allowed to utilize a toucan within a logo [absolutely absurd].

Oh yes, just look at the infringement.  Now, if they were both cereal I suppose the argument may be valid... but really?

"Feathers ruffled, Kellogg had contacted the tiny nonprofit Maya Archaeology Initiative back in August to tell it to stop using its toucan logo because it supposedly too closely resembled Toucan Sam of Froot Loops cereal fame. As the president of the nonprofit, Dr. Francisco Estrada-Belli, commented, “This is a bit like the Washington Redskins claiming trademark infringement against the National Congress of American Indians."

"Kellogg filed suit against the tiny nonprofit Maya Archaeological Initiative to stop using a toucan in its logo in order to protect the copyright of the Froot Loops’ mascot Toucan Sam. Kellogg ended up striking a deal with MAI to share info about the Mayan culture on its cereal boxes and donate $100,000 to the organization."

In regards to Kellogg, someone must have come to their senses.  That individual responsible for the amiable and mutually beneficial agreement deserves credit.