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MSG and the failure of the FDA

I just wanted to post something illustrating the great lengths the Food & Drug Administration take to make sure we have no clue what is in the ingredients of the food we eat, whether it is GMO or compounds like MSG.

For this, I am going to simply use MSG.

Monosodium Glutamate is made in a laboratory, called a food additive, never tested for safety nor identified on food labels, and to top it all off, it has been made using aborted fetus cells (more than one company is doing flavoring stuff with fetal cells).

The FDA, just as its stance towards biotech's GMO crops, and infiltrated throughout by the industry it is supposed to protect the citizenry from, does nothing to make sure products explicitly state they contain MSG.  In fact, more often than not, MSG isn't even listed in the ingredients as Monosodium Glutamate.  It is believed that MSG increases the risk of brain damage, endocrine disorders, behavior disorders, adverse reactions, and neurodegenerative disease... just to name a few.

Here is a brief list of some MSG aliases.

These, 100% of the time, ALWAYS contain MSG:
  • Glutamate
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Monosodium Glutamate
  • Monopotassium Glutamate
  • Yeast Extract
  • Yeast Food
  • Yeast Nutrient
  • Autolyzed Yeast
  • Autolyzed Yeast Extract
  • Torula Yeast
  • Autolyzed Soy Protein (any protein that is autolyzed)
  • Hydrolyzed Protein (any protein that is hydrolyzed)
  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Pea Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Corn Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten
  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Textured Protein
  • Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)
  • Natrium Glutamate (natrium is Latin/German for sodium)
  • Gelatin 
These often contain MSG or have MSG created during processing:
  • Carageenan
  • Malt Extract
  • Malt Flavoring
  • Barley Malt
  • Maltodextrin
  • Citric Acid1
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Soy Sauce
  • Soy Sauce Extract
  • Soy Protein
  • Soy Protein Concentrate
  • Bouillon
  • Broth
  • Stock
  • Spices* (may contain between 30% to 60% MSG)
  • Natural Beef Flavoring
  • Natural Chicken Flavoring
  • Natural Pork Flavoring
  • Ultra-Pasteurized
  • Whey Protein
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Protein Fortified Anything
  • Flavor(s) & Flavoring(s)* (may contain between 30% to 60% MSG)
  • Natural Flavor(s) & Flavoring(s)* (may contain between 30% to 60% MSG)
  • Pectin
  • Protease
  • Protease Enzymes
  • Enzymes Anything
  • Anything Enzyme Modified
  • Anything Protein Fortified
  • Anything Fermented
  • Seasonings (the word “seasonings”)
  • Fish Sauce2
  • Fish Sauce Extract

It's high time we kick the cockroaches out of government agencies like the FDA and kill lobbying altogether; it is through the power of large lobbies that presidents such as Bush and Obama place Goldman Sachs men into the US Treasury and Monsanto men into the FDA and Dept. of Agriculture.  And we, like good little sheep, we allow it... unwilling to bothered by anything inconvenient.

That has got to change.  Do we really want to be this lazy?

One place we can start, and one thing that is an important stop on the road map to where I think we should be, is supporting California's Proposition 37 aimed at protecting consumer's right to know in relation to GMO's.  Every state should have similar propositions on their ballots, but I guess they have more important things to attend to.  

Another thing we can do, is to hold accountable the 73 US Senators that voted that you should not have the right to know the ingredients in your food.  All 73 of these assholes should be kicked out of office, period.


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On ingredients and the facade of health and safety...

‘It’s for your good. Let me finish’: Afghan-Canadian mother stabs daughter

Graeme Hamilton
National Post
September 26, 2012

MONTREAL – For months, Bahar Ebrahimi had been rebelling against her parents, complaining their Afghan culture and Muslim religion were suffocating her. “I want to enjoy my life. I want to feel what the other ones feel,” she told them, according to her mother’s statement to police.

It was June, 2010, Grand Prix weekend in downtown Montreal, and on two straight nights the 19-year-old stayed out past dawn against her parents’ wishes.

For her mother, Johra Kaleki, the behaviour confirmed that all her efforts to steer her eldest daughter on the right path had failed. “I felt like she would never be fixed,” she told Sgt.-Det. Alexandre Bertrand in an interrogation video played Wednesday in Quebec Court.

As her crying husband spoke to Bahar in the basement of their Dorval home, Ms. Kaleki went upstairs and grabbed a large knife from the kitchen counter, the one she used to chop meat, she recounted. “I said, ‘This is the time.’ ”

She hid the knife under her T-shirt, returned to the basement, and told her husband the problem would best be resolved between mother and daughter. “Just leave us alone for five minutes,” she said she told him. “Don’t come until I call you.”

He left and she cuddled her first-born and told her to lie on her stomach so she could give her a back massage. “Then I stab her, stab her neck,” she confessed. “She said, ‘No Mom!’ I said, ‘It’s for your good. Let me finish.’ ”

Earlier in the interrogation, Sgt.-Det. Bertrand has asked whether the knife blade was sharp. “No, it wasn’t,” she replied. “I wish it was. I wanted to give her the peace that she needed.”

Bahar survived the attack, suffering serious knife wounds to her head and shoulder. Ms. Kaleki, 40, is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and illegal use of a weapon.

Her husband, alerted by Bahar’s screams, rushed downstairs and grabbed the knife from Ms. Kaleki, the court heard. “I said to my husband, let me finish her.’ ” She tried to choke her daughter, she said, and after Bahar escaped, she chased her upstairs and tried to break down the locked door to the bedroom where she was calling 911.

She was arrested, and after being treated in hospital for a knife wound on her own arm, she told her story to Sgt.-Det. Bertrand.

The first night Bahar stayed out late, informing her parents she was downtown enjoying a concert, they went to the local police station to file a report, Ms. Kaleki said. The officer told them there was nothing that could be done. “He said, ‘She’s safe. Don’t worry. She’s a teenager.’ ”

But the idea of a rebellious teenage girl was foreign to her parents. They expected Bahar to be home by 11 p.m. and not to smoke, drink or have boyfriends.

After the second night, when Bahar said she had spent much of the evening walking along St. Laurent Blvd., Ms. Kaleki was horrified. “I asked her, ‘Are you a prostitute? Are you a whore?’ ” she said.

A few months earlier, when Ms. Kaleki discovered Bahar was being harassed by an ex-boyfriend, she blamed her daughter. After speaking to the boy once on the phone, Ms. Kaleki decided he sounded like “a very good Muslim guy” and told Bahar he would make a good husband. “Probably you’ve done something to drive him crazy,” she told her. “I know you. You’re my daughter.” Bahar refused the idea of marriage, calling the boy a “psycho.”

Toward the end of the four-hour interview, the detective asked Ms. Kaleki whether she had anything to add. “I hope she gets well,” she said referring to her daughter. But she did not want her to emerge unscarred.

“She live with that wound,” she continued, pointing to her neck, “she remembers me.” The experience “will make her strong and give her wisdom. . . . It means she will give up her ways of living.”

The hearing this week before Judge Yves Paradis is to determine whether the video and other statements made by Ms. Kaleki can be entered into evidence during the trial, which is scheduled to begin in January. Ms. Kaleki’s defence lawyer has said she will argue that Ms. Kaleki did not have the “operating mind” necessary to consent to the interrogation. The hearing continues Thursday.

It's got to be due to those skewed Canadian values that the mother stabbed her daughter, no?  I think, maybe, she should have stayed in Afghanistan.  Surely, if I wanted to have kids, and have them raised within American culture, I wouldn't move them to Afghanistan.


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Pirate Bay Founder Remains Locked Up Without Charges

September 30, 2012

Gottfrid Svartholm will be kept in detention for at least two more weeks on suspicion of hacking into a Swedish IT company connected to the country’s tax authorities. According to Prosecutor Henry Olin the extended detention is needed “to prevent him from having contact with other people.” The Pirate Bay co-founder is not allowed to have visitors and is even being denied access to newspapers and television.

Following his arrest late last month, Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm was deported from Cambodia to Sweden.

Initially it was assumed that Gottfrid was sent to Sweden because of the outstanding one year prison sentence in the Pirate Bay case. However, once he touched down at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, the authorities said he was suspected of being involved in the hacking of Logica, a Swedish IT company that works with the local tax authorities.

Since he hasn’t been charged officially in the Logica case the Pirate Bay co-founder could only be detained for a few days.

But, after a request from Prosecutor Henry Olin this term was extended for another two weeks mid-September, and last Friday the District Court decided that Gottfrid could be detained for another two weeks.



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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Survey says 56% of the French think that anti-white racism is developing in France

Le avec Reuters

An anti-white racism thrives in areas of major cities for 56% of French and 51% are thinking that the secretary general of the UMP , Jean-Francois Cope, had reason to speak , according to a TNS-Sofres.

When he ran for the presidency of the main right-wing party, the deputy mayor of Meaux  has sparked debate internally by repeating assertions about the alleged phenomenon usually heard at the far right. 56% of the French UMP and National Front disagree on essentials but share some ideas , a widespread feeling among UMP (77%) and FN (68%).

idea expressed by Jean- Francois Cope in a book entitled Manifesto for an uninhibited right that develops in cities animosity toward whites, termed "Gauls" , is shared by 56% of French and 84% of supporters of right, against 27% who do not agree with this statement.

If 51% of those surveyed say that Jean-Francois Cope was right to address this issue, they are 29% think the contrary "it is wrong to talk as it may inflame tensions within French society " and 20% did not s' express .

The survey was conducted via the Internet on September 27 with a sample of 1014 individuals aged 18 years and over.

*This article has been roughly translated.


I've seen a lot of people saying how the French are "cold" to foreigners.  Whether that is true or not has nothing to do whether racism against whites is a growing mindset there.


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Friday, September 28, 2012

Greek police send crime victims to neo-Nazi 'protectors'

People hold sacks of potatoes during a food distribution organised by Golden Dawn, in Athens. Photograph: Yorgos Karahalis/Reuters

Helena Smith
The Guardian
September 28, 2012

Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party is increasingly assuming the role of law enforcement officers on the streets of the bankrupt country, with mounting evidence that Athenians are being openly directed by police to seek help from the neo-Nazi group, analysts, activists and lawyers say.

In return, a growing number of Greek crime victims have come to see the party, whose symbol bears an uncanny resemblance to the swastika, as a "protector".

One victim of crime, an eloquent US-trained civil servant, told the Guardian of her family's shock at being referred to the party when her mother recently called the police following an incident involving Albanian immigrants in their downtown apartment block.

"They immediately said if it's an issue with immigrants go to Golden Dawn," said the 38-year-old, who fearing for her job and safety, spoke only on condition of anonymity. "We don't condone Golden Dawn but there is an acute social problem that has come with the breakdown of feeling of security among lower and middle class people in the urban centre," she told the Guardian. "If the police and official mechanism can't deliver and there is no recourse to justice, then you have to turn to other maverick solutions."

Other Greeks with similar experiences said the far-rightists, catapulted into parliament on a ticket of tackling "immigrant scum" were simply doing the job of a defunct state that had left a growing number feeling overwhelmed by a "sense of powerlessness". "Nature hates vacuums and Golden Dawn is just filling a vacuum that no other party is addressing," one woman lamented. "It gives 'little people' a sense that they can survive, that they are safe in their own homes."



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The vivisection of Poland

Poland’s wartime suffering was extraordinary. It has been greatly neglected by the rest of the world.

The Economist
September 29, 2012

THE biggest gap in most histories of the second world war is what happened to Poland. By the war’s end it had lost not only a fifth of its population but also its freedom—despite having fought from the first day to the last against the Germans.

Many histories deal with the greatest crime of the war years: the annihilation of Europe’s Jews. That chiefly took place in occupied Poland, and the largest number of its victims were citizens of the pre-war republic. But these are books about the Holocaust, not about Poland. Books about Poland abound too. Some deal with the spectacular military events of the war: the Ghetto Uprising of 1943, the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Others have highlighted the great neglected scandals of the war, such as the Soviet massacre of 20,000 captured Polish officers. A book called “Dark Side of the Moon” tried to alert the West to the Soviet deportation of hundreds of thousands of Polish civilians to privation and death. There are even books about Wojtek, a bear cub adopted by Polish soldiers, who drank beer, ate cigarettes, carried ammunition and died in a zoo in Scotland.

But until Halik Kochanski’s “The Eagle Unbowed” nobody had written a comprehensive English-language history of Poland at war. A British-born historian whose own family’s experiences dot her pages, she weaves together the political, military, diplomatic and human strands of the story. She ranges from the fatal weaknesses of pre-war Poland (divided, cash-strapped and isolated) to the humiliation of Britain’s victory parade in 1946 when the organisers invited Fijians and Mexicans, but not Poles.

Readers reared on Western accounts of a war between good and evil may be shocked to learn that for Poles the war was three-sided. The Western allies were duplicitous and the Soviets for the most part as bad as the Nazis.

Poland fought on four fronts. One force was in Britain, drawn from those who had escaped the defeat in 1939. It helped liberate the Netherlands. Another was drawn from the deportees in the Soviet Union, rescued from death by Hitler’s attack on the Soviets. This ragtag army mustered in Persia, trained in Palestine and fought notably at Monte Cassino in Italy. A third army was formed from Poles who remained inside the Soviet Union, under the leadership of Polish communists and collaborators. It reached Berlin. The fourth, the Home Army (whose poster urging Poles “to arms” is shown above), was in Poland itself. Once the biggest and best-organised underground military force in Nazi-occupied Europe, it was hounded to destruction by the Soviets.

Ms Kochanski gives admirably clear accounts of the battlefield. She unpicks other tangles too: the tense relationship between the impatient, ill-informed underground leadership in Poland and the divided, ill-led exiled government in London, sidelined and then dumped by the allies as the Soviet armies marched west.

She has a keen eye for the striking quote. Here is Heinrich Himmler of the SS on the four years of elementary school which was to be the only education of the Reich’s new subjects:
The sole goal of this schooling is to teach them simple arithmetic, nothing above the number 500, writing one’s name and the doctrine that it is divine law to obey the Germans…I don’t think that reading is desirable.
In an overture to the Holocaust, the Nazis practised mass killings and ethnic cleansing in Poland in 1939 and 1940. Their ultimate plan was to deport 31m Poles to Siberia to make way for German settlers in Poland. Some 200,000 Aryan-looking Polish children were kidnapped and given to German parents. Most were never recovered.

Controversies still rage about wartime Poland. Was the government-in-exile in London too obstinate—or too conciliatory? Could Britain have helped more? Ms Kochanski outlines the arguments, with some quiet words of reproof. But the hand that Poland was dealt was so weak that disaster loomed whether it was played well or badly.

She uncovers details that will surprise even history geeks. Some Polish Jews under Soviet occupation found life so dreadful that they sought refuge in Nazi-ruled Poland. The Warsaw Ghetto contained three churches for the Christians consigned to the ghetto for their Jewish origins.

Her view on the thorniest questions of Poland’s wartime history, such as the connection between local anti-Semitism, collaboration and the Holocaust is cautious but fair-minded. The facts do not stitch together into a simple story. Many Jews were betrayed by neighbours out of fear or greed. But nowhere else in Europe was the price of helping Jews instant execution. Many Christian Poles, including some ardent anti-Semites, took huge risks to protect their Jewish compatriots. Others (including some Jews) joined German-led police units.

Ms Kochanski marshals an impressive and comprehensive array of English and Polish material. But she skips the wealth of German- and Russian-language histories, memoirs and biographies. As a result, though her victims are portrayed in colour, the villains are merely in black and white.

Both the suffering and its subsequent neglect and distortion leave a smouldering sense of outrage. Readers may understand better, for example, why the description of Auschwitz and the like as “Polish death camps” is so unfair and upsetting. Yet against all odds, Poland did survive: indeed it has never been richer, happier and safer. That is thanks to the Poles’ awesome patriotism and resilience. May they never be put to such a test again.


For Poland, the war and its effects did not end until the end of the cold war.  For approximately fifty years, Poland was at the receiving end of, first German, and then Russian, tyranny.  In fact, Stalin made plans with Hitler to attack Poland from the east... both agreeing to split the spoils down the middle; even as early as this Stalin's NKVD were no better than Hitler's SS... targeting officers and intellectuals for disposal.

And what did the great FDR do?  He turned a blind eye... likely in order to polarize Europe, making it necessary for an American presence to remain post-war... and remain it did; the U.S. still has large bases in England, Germany, and Italy.  FDR was a shrewd character, everything he did for self-gain regardless the cost paid by others, and in many ways, the results built an early framework for globalism.

I highly recommend people look up a documentary/series titled World War II Behind Closed Doors.


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Egyptian girl murdered after resisting groping

Aaron Ross
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September 27, 2012

It is a sordid tale: A 16-year-old girl is groped while walking along the street. She responds by spitting in her attacker’s face, vowing to take back her rights. He, in turn, guns her down with an automatic weapon.

That is what is alleged to have happened to Eman Mostafa two weeks ago in a small village in Upper Egypt’s Assiut Governorate. While details of the incident have only slowly trickled out, the monstrosity of the alleged crime suggests a frightening increase in gendered violence following a spate of well-publicized cases of harassment and assault in recent months.

The suspect, Ramadan Nasser Salem, is now in police custody after having fled for more than a week. In an interview on Al-Hayat TV channel Saturday, he denied the version of events offered by witnesses.

“I was riding my motorbike and I saw her,” he said. “I said hello, and she thought I was harassing her and started cursing at me and spat in my face. I mistakenly fired my gun, and a passer-by told me the bullet hit a wall. We thought the girl was afraid and fell on the ground, but then people told us that the bullet hit her. I never meant to kill her.”

Salem’s denial notwithstanding, Dalia Abd El-Hameed, a researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, warns that the reported circumstances surrounding Mostafa’s death reflect a disturbing trend in sexual abuse against women.


NATO-backed "Arab Spring" regime change really blew the lid of radical elements.


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Save 130,000 lives by signing the UK government E petition.

Personally, I wouldn't leave it at that... I'd send some emails and make a few phone calls.

Check this out: They want to kill 130,000 badgers in response to bovine tuberculosis.  Of course, yet once again, people just can't give up eating flesh and muscle... and they will do whatever it takes to protect their self-entitled "right".  So, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that they would be willing to do something like this.  


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Vote for Obama because he gives free phones

Looks like we have greed (L) vs. greed (R).  Both care about the self above their country.  How can you best giving away free ObamaPhones?

I don't know if I am going to be able to sleep tonight.


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

US calls Assange 'enemy of state'

Philip Dorling
September 27, 2012

THE US military has designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as enemies of the United States - the same legal category as the al-Qaeda terrorist network and the Taliban insurgency.

Declassified US Air Force counter-intelligence documents, released under US freedom-of-information laws, reveal that military personnel who contact WikiLeaks or WikiLeaks supporters may be at risk of being charged with "communicating with the enemy", a military crime that carries a maximum sentence of death.


Most Americans want transparency.  Most people do not think of WikiLeaks or Assange as "enemies of the state".  The fact is, the state is out of control and running amok at this point in time.  I suppose up next would be people like me, to be labeled enemies of the state.


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Japan may scrap whale hunt

No, the Japanese didn't have a change of heart; they still would like to be plunging explosive harpoons into whales, but their slaughter ship, oops, I meant research ship, needs to get fixed.

Mark Willacy
September 26, 2012

A media report in Japan says the government is considering abandoning this year's whale hunt in the Antarctic.

The Asahi newspaper is reporting the annual round of research whaling could be suspended because of the poor condition of the fleet's ageing factory ship.

It says the fisheries agency wants to undertake large-scale repairs to the Nisshin Maru.

The process could take months and may mean the annual whaling hunt in the Southern Ocean, which usually begins in late November or December, could be called off for the year.

If it is, it will be the first time in 25 years the Japanese have not embarked on an annual round of so-called research whaling.

The fisheries agency has told the ABC it will not confirm the media report.



TSA Goon Caught Stealing iPad By ABC News

Widespread theft rampant among federal government agents

Steve Watson

Sept 27, 2012

When ABC News decided to investigate a reported spate of thefts by TSA officers of passenger belongings, its news team purposefully left an iPad behind at a checkpoint at Orlando airport. Barely two hours later, the device was tracked to the home of a TSA screener who then blamed his wife for the theft when he was confronted.

ABC News waited 15 days before going to the home of TSA officer Andy Ramirez and asking him to give the ipad back.

Ramirez reportedly denied knowing anything about the ipad at first, and told the team to contact the airport’s lost and found department. The news team knew full well that the TSA screener was lying because it had activated a tracking app that had been previously installed on the device.

When the team activated the app’s audio alarm feature, Ramirez went to retrieve the ipad and took off his TSA uniform before returning and handing over the device.

“My wife says she got the iPad and brought it home,” he told the news team. The ABC report notes that his wife then appeared at the door to say she had found it and “no told my husband.”

However, the news team had obtained security camera footage from the checkpoint that showed Ramirez taking the device. When they informed him of this he shut the door on them and did not respond to further questions.

Ramirez has since been fired by the TSA. The TSA did not respond to interview requests from ABC News. The outlet has since posted a “Rogues’ Gallery” of TSA agents who have been charged in connection with thefts from passenger bags.

“This is the tip of the iceberg,” said Rep. John Mica, R.-Florida, chair of the House Transportation Committee. “It is an outrage to the public, and actually to our aviation system.”

Mica, a consistent critic of the TSA, has pushed for airports to ditch the TSA and replace the agency with private security screeners.

Mica also pointed to the fact that the TSA does not carry out adequate background checks on its employees.

“[If] you’re not vetting them before you put them on the job, and allow them to rummage through people’s personal effects, there is something wrong,” said Mica.

As we have exhaustively documented, TSA workers are routinely caught engaged in criminal and abusive behavior, with a new scandal hitting the agency on an almost weekly basis.

Whistleblowers have also suggested that TSA bosses purposefully hire people with violent and criminal tendencies.


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Bizarre TSA “Freeze” Security Drill Caught on Camera

Pointless policy little more than “obedience training”

Paul Joseph Watson
September 27, 2012

The TSA’s bizarre new policy where it orders travelers who have already passed security to “freeze” on command has been caught on camera, with the clip illustrating once more how the federal agency has implemented a series of ludicrous policies that seemingly have no other purpose than to act as an obedience test for the traveling public.

The video shows the final 24 seconds of a 2 minute period during which travelers were ordered to “freeze” by TSA workers and were not allowed to move.

One TSA screener is heard to say, “stay right where you are,” at a man who is walking through the airport, as the other static travelers look on in bewilderment.

According to the You Tube user responsible for uploading the clip, “This video was shot within the “secure” area of the terminal, BEYOND the security gate.”

“Note that the TSA “guard” is offering no explanation, only giving harsh threats and orders to stay still. Note that there was NO event or threat taking place of any kind,” he adds.

As we have previously highlighted, the “freeze” policy, which has been experienced by numerous travelers across the country, is known as Code Bravo Sierra or simply Code Bravo by the TSA.

New York Times columnist Joe Sharkey described how he was caught up in the policy on two separate occasions last year while traveling through airports in Atlanta and Los Angeles.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rhino attacked, tiger killed as floods ravage Northeast

Yes, more poaching news from that cesspool known as India... (Raja, an eight-year-old rescued Royal Bengal Tiger, rests inside South Kahayar Bari tiger rescue centre at Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, about 160 km (99 miles) north of the eastern Indian city of Siliguri February 21, 2010. Reuters photo: Rupak De Chowdhuri)

Robert MacMillan
September 26, 2012

Northeast India is home to several rare and endangered animal species, which means that Northeast India is also home to poachers. With floods ravaging Assam and other northeastern states and displacing some 2 million people, poachers appear to be using the opportunity to murder animals.

Suspected poachers attacked a rare one-horned rhino by shooting it and cutting off its horn, the BBC reported:
The rhino was wounded when shot and had its horn cut off after it wandered out of Kaziranga national park, which has been inundated by flood waters. … The rhino was one of many animals that moved to higher ground to escape the deluge. Guards lost track of it as it approached an elevated highway out of the park, Assam’s Chief Wildlife Warden Suresh Chand told the Associated Press news agency. The rhino was then shot by a group of poachers who afterwards cut off its horn, Mr. Chand said.
Poachers have killed 13 rhinos around the park in the past nine months, the BBC reported.

Meanwhile, poachers killed a 6-year-old female Royal Bengal tiger in her cage at a zoo in Arunachal Pradesh, according to a report in Mid-Day from Arunachal’s capital Itanagar. “The incident happened when guards had gone out for dinner.”

Because that’s what you do when you’re a guard; you go out for dinner and leave the tiger unguarded. It’s hard to say why poachers are still able to get away with killing animals, and it’s even harder to say how many of these incidents they were able to prevent. As long as rhino horns and other illegal spoils of these killings remain valuable, it looks like someone will find a way (did you ever think that keratin would be so valuable that you’d pay for someone to shoot a rhinoceros?). What I would like to know: what do people think will happen when the thing they need runs out? Do they think about it?

It’s not an idle question. There are about 2,000 rhinos in Assam, according to the Wikipedia report that I linked to above, which is a big improvement from an estimated 366 in 1966, but a long way from what the population once was. It’s highly unlikely that 2,000 rhinos is enough to keep the aphrodisiac market in business for long.


India is a dump.  We, the United States, have lost quite a number of IT support and call center jobs to India, and yet, they still have these motherfuckers that kill rhinos and tigers that just can't move to the city and punch a clock while putting on a fake American accent?  If poachers are the minority, than why is it India cannot control it?  Why can't India adequately police her population?  I'll tell you why; because the Indian government and the average Indian couldn't give a damn about either rhinos or tigers.  They, ultimately, are responsible, along with the ****ing Chinese, for the fate of tigers in the wild.  And, I hope the world holds them accountable.

I'll tell you this; what is India without the magnificent tiger?  It's just a run-down third world nation of have and have-nots... mostly have-nots... 

It's about time the poachers become the poached.  I've said it before; someone needs to start an armed NGO, backed by world-wide donations, that will go in and enforce protection of animals like the rhinos and tigers of India. 


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‘Geoengineering’ And ‘New World Order’ Pushed On Sleeping Sheeple

While perusing magazines at the local supermarket I stumbled upon this telling display.

Steve Watson
Sept 26, 2012

It would be a stretch to suggest that there is a vast conspiracy involving the editors of Top Gear Magazine to sell geoengineering as part of a New World Order by demanding their magazine be placed next to the New Scientist! However, this goes to show that these terms have become perniciously engrained in popular culture.

The New Scientist article can be read online for registered users here

It once again goes to great lengths to sell wild ideas of blocking out sunlight in order to battle man made global warming.

As ever, the solutions listed include mass spraying the atmosphere with sulpher particles. The article even admits “we are doing this already”.

Here are a few excerpts:

OOPS. We really didn’t mean to, but we seem to have broken the planet. Is there anything we can do to make it better?

Climate change is already upon us, melting ice, killing forests and making floods and heatwaves more intense. Meanwhile, global emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases continue to increase, promising far worse to come.

Even if we stopped all emissions tomorrow, temperatures would keep rising for decades, with potentially catastrophic consequences ranging from famines to rapid sea-level rise.

So perhaps it is time to get serious about the audacious idea of geoengineering. The hope is that by deliberately tinkering with our planet’s climate machine, we might be able to fix our gargantuan blunder, or at least avoid some of the most serious consequences, or just buy ourselves a bit more time to cut emissions.


One idea is to whiten marine clouds – specifically the low, flat stratus clouds that cover a large swathe of sky. Ships scattered across the world’s oceans would send plumes of fine salt spray up into the air. By acting as nucleation sites, the salt particles should encourage droplets of water to form in clouds. With more droplets per cubic metre, these clouds would be whiter than normal, and reflect more sunlight. Potentially, this could offset the entire warming from a doubling in CO2.

Cloud-whitening has its upsides, such as not involving any hazardous chemicals. But cloud nucleation is not well understood, so it might not work as well as its proponents suggest, and cooling only the oceans could disrupt local climate. A study published this year found that seeding clouds over the Pacific might alter rainfall patterns in a similar way to the highly disruptive La Niña weather phenomenon, for instance.

The other leading contender is an old one: fill the atmosphere with a haze of fine particles. In fact, we are doing this already. Sulphur dioxide pollution forms fine droplets of sulphuric acid that already reflect an estimated 0.4 watts per square metre. But SO2 from fires and factories doesn’t remain in the atmosphere for long, so its effects are limited. If sulphate gets as high as the stratosphere, however, it can linger for years, so its cooling effect is much greater. The proof comes from volcanic eruptions large enough to inject SO2into the stratosphere. The 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines cooled the planet by up to 0.5 °C over the following couple of years.


It is not clear whether a different kind of reflector, such as solid metallic particles or tiny, shiny balloons, would be any better. Pumping out a gas is so much simpler and cheaper, so most studies have concentrated on sulphates.

One need only look up at the sky to confirm that our governments, at the behest of think tanks, ‘research’ groups, and radical environmental organisations, are already engaging in these type of programs. Our skies are riddled with artificial clouds, that are patently not merely the contrails of standard air planes.

Indeed, as we reported two months ago, an experiment funded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates will see thousands of tonnes of sulphur particles sprayed over New Mexico as part of a geoengineering study, despite the fact that even staunch environmentalists have warned the process could have catastrophic effects on the earth’s eco-system.

This is just one example of a practice that has now been in operation for years, if not decades.

Groups such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meet routinely to discuss ongoing geoengineering programs, specifically the spraying of aerosols into the atmosphere.

Levels of aluminium, barium and strontium in our air, water and soil have exponentially increased, leading many to conclude that these are the after effects of radical geoengineering programs that are already in operation.

Learn more on this important topic by watching the new geoengineering documentary Why In the World Are They Spraying.


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Romney’s first project with Bain in 1977: Help propel Monsanto

S. D. Wells
Natural News

September 26, 2012

One year before Mitt Romney began working on the Bain & Company project to rebuild “Monsanto” and cast their new image and focus on agriculture biotechnology, Congress passed a bill banning PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl), an odorless, tasteless, clear liquid known to cause cancer that was the “bread and butter” of Monsanto’s profits. Monsanto was already branded and plagued with the label of having created the “Agent Orange” contaminated dioxins used in Vietnam. Now Monsanto would need a big save, financially and reputation-wise, so they could fool the public with their new image and a new “frontier,” while secretly polluting and genetically modifying American agriculture with the new faceless poison known as Roundup.

Romney knew his first job at Bain was to propel an evil company that was on the brink of failure. He knew Monsanto’s previous reputation and about all the litigation. Romney also knew he would be rewarded financially in the biggest way if he could pull the whole thing off, and he did. Romney changed Monsanto’s image over the years, from a scandal ridden chemical giant to a seemingly “prestigious” Agri-business firm. (

Fresh out of Harvard in 1977, Romney basically lead Monsanto down an unethical but highly lucrative path, helping sweep the PCB and dioxin scandals under the rug, since that negative public perception was crippling the company. Romney and Bain recommended to Monsanto that they focus the business on genetically engineered crops and RoundUp, the massively profitable weed killer. Monsanto finished developing and patenting the glyphosate molecule and has marketed Roundup ever since. (

But it wasn’t a “pretty” road to this infamous success for Romney. Monsanto was still bombarded with an onslaught of litigation throughout Romney’s years at Bain, including a $180 million settlement covering the claims of over 50,000 troops that got cancer from hiking over and through Agent Orange in the burned up jungles of Vietnam. Agent Orange is on record to have contaminated a total of 10 million Vietnamese and American people, including children and babies. This was by far the largest chemical warfare operation in human history up until now, when Monsanto’s RoundUp laced GMO vegetables like corn and soy have begun a cancer inducing genocide which could easily surpass the damage done in the Vietnam jungles just 50 years ago. (

Romney would later use his Monsanto “payback money” and power to become the “private equity king,” mowing down companies and robbing workers of their retirement savings. ( This is how Romney created jobs back then, and GMO is how he will create jobs and promote disease if he wins the presidency of the United States. Big Pharma, of course, is behind it all, because when people eat GM vegetables and get cancer, Big Pharma and the chemo scam make billions, if not trillions.

Romney has already chosen his biotech partners in crime

One of Mitt’s advisory co-chairs was a key speaker at the ‘Biotechnology Industry Organization‘ and said, “It is vital for the United States and other countries to support science-based standards and systems that will bring agricultural biotechnology products to the market to meet this demand.” It’s not hard to guess who will make up Romney’s cabinet if he wins. But the most disappointing part of the upcoming election isn’t the fact that Mitt Romney, the “Savior of Monsanto” is running for president, it’s the fact that Obama already supports GMO and has the former vice president of Monsanto running the FDA right now. America has everyone believing they have a choice, voting between good and bad, or good and not so good, but really, the choice is that you can vote yes for Obama GMO or yes for Romney GMO. President Obama and Mitt Romney both support human beings eating RoundUp pesticide regularly and without any labeling on the foods. Just to let you know. There’s definitely a “War on Cancer” in effect, but it’s a war to promote cancer, to make sure more people eat CANCER-CAUSING AGENTS, ones that are made by the same company that created the AGENT ORANGE nightmare. (

No matter what the TWO PARTY SYSTEM says, they support GMO

Back in 2008, Obama promised his supporters he would be on their side when it comes to knowing what they are eating, and in a campaign speech he stated, “We’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.”(

Today, Monsanto (the seed police) and similar unethical chemical giants loom over ALL FARMERS AND ALL FOOD, and a global cancer epidemic is imminent. Monsanto survived its near collapse thanks to Mitt Romney, and Monsanto thrives today thanks to George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Soon, if enough Supreme Court Justices side with the biotech industry, the U.S. government will have complete reign over the food industry. (

Question: Why doesn’t either candidate for president mention nutrition at all? Shouldn’t we be praising Nutritional Science like we do NASA? Is the GMO shame too heavy? When the next bailout comes, will Monsanto get a big cut? After all, their lobbyists are like a “Super PAC” of ONE PERCENTERS. If only we could see how much their offshore accounts inflate after elections. Make no mistake, the current handful of “running” politicians want GMO to rule over all farms in the United States.

Don’t give in; you can set the precedent in November!

You have real choices. You can eat only organic food. You can write your “anti-GMO” congressmen like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, who support efforts to not only label GM food, but ban it altogether. You can help end this hostile takeover of the food supply. ( We, the organic people, can win this “election,” and the precedent can be set in California in November, and then eventually all over the United States. (

Vietnam may have been the largest chemical warfare operation in human history, but at least this time the people have a choice, because instead of being drafted and hiking through the toxic “cancer machine” in a war, humans can simply educate themselves about contaminated dioxins in genetically modified foods and not eat them. (

Sources for this article include:


I don't think I will be voting in the presidential election; I don't do the lesser of two evils. 

To sum it up: ROMNEY IS A DOUCHE THAT DOESN'T GIVE A FLYING F*** FOR YOU AS LONG AS HIS INTERESTS ARE BESTED.  His career saving Monsanto is built upon screwing over Americans and many other people on the planet. 

Someone, after sending him this, still says "he is a far better "executive" than Obama"... I can see private interests saying that, or an individual thinking only of how much they might save in taxes... but again, people need to start thinking about the big picture.  But yes, his services to Monsanto were well worth their money... and that is a good executive.  THE LAST THING THIS COUNTRY NEEDS IS YET ANOTHER EXECUTIVE SITTING IN OFFICE... screwing over constituents for his peers in the private sector.

Unfortunately, one day, many will realize the differences between the two-party scheme only runs skin deep.  It's unfortunate that this is true, not that people will realize it.  But then again, human beings, EVERY single human being on this planet, are masters of self-delusion.

But, let's keep kidding ourselves; Clinton is different than Bush, Bush is different than Clinton, Obama is different than Bush, and Romney is different than Obama.  No matter what happens, no matter which of these two self-serving idiots takes the puppet's seat, we will keep heading down the same road until we address the corrupt nature of the political system.

But hey, it's always warmer and fuzzier to just relent to believing the whole charade and play the left versus right game.


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