Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Plan to Clean The Oceans in 5 Years

Boyan Slat, 19 years old, created a plan to remove plastic waste from the world's oceans in just five years... using the oceans to do it.

It's rare for people with the obvious financial means this guy has to be this benevolent. I sincerely hope he stays this path and if this can work he should be treated like a messiah. I'd protect someone like this with my life. Imagine for a second, if people were unburdened with, what some would consider the abject slavery of being a cog in a malfunctioning machine - what if people were allowed more freedom to be creative instead of being simple drones? When someone told me of Boyan last night I was blown away at his drive and his age but then it dawned on me that he possibly was born on third base (money-wise)... so he is a person that can afford to day dream, ponder issues, travel, and be creative. We need more people like this guy and less of the Kennedy, Rockefeller, Rothschild types. Here is a guy, that at 19, isn't thinking about himself first and foremost... a problem which plagues humanity.

I don't think you or I could ever imagine just how massively polluted the oceans are today. I believe, in the North Pacific Gyre (also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) alone, over 150,000 sea birds die each year from consuming plastics. Think about all the trash you create in a given day, multiply that by 365, then multiply that by the number of people inhabiting the west coast of North America and the east coast of Asia... then think about all the stuff all of these people put down their drains (cleaning chemicals, dyes, hair products, drugs (in urine), et al)... it is beyond mind numbing. And of course, all of this pollution flows up the food chain; it is so bad off the coast of California that if a dolphin or orca were to wash ashore they would be treated as hazardous waste! Then factor in radiation oozing out of Japan (still), like puss oozing from an infected pimple, and you have a very brief description of the peril facing the Pacific Ocean alone.

We should all pitch in what we can... $5, $10, $100, whatever, to help manifest this guys plan. 

Stop thinking about you for a minute. If you have children, do you want them inheriting a broken, wretched planet? I'm not talking about the silly bullshit of CO2 which we all exhale and which makes vegetation thrive; the oceans are kind of the heartbeat of the planet. Just remember, long after you and I are dead and gone, maybe reborn, maybe not, your children and their children will still be here. 

And this is not including the effects of industrial fishing operations that take as much as possible without thought of impact, and all the bycatch they kill:

Like it or not, the oceans are dying. But again, by all means, enjoy the sushi.

Please step up and donate what you can... 

I'd imagine even a dollar would be helpful - imagine if everyone in the U.S. donated a dollar?


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