Monday, March 31, 2014

Diet drinks linked with heart disease, death

Maggie Fox
March 29, 2014

Women who drink the most diet sodas may also be more likely to develop heart disease and even to die, according to a new study published Saturday.

Researchers found women who drank two or more diet drinks a day were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular "event," and 50 percent more likely to die, than women who rarely touch such drinks.

The findings, being presented at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology, don't suggest that the drinks themselves are killers. But women who toss back too many diet sodas may be trying to make up for unhealthy habits, experts say.



This article is absurd. "Diet soda contributes to heart disease. No it doesn't. Yes it does. No it doesn't, the drinkers have other issues. Yes it does. No it doesn't. But... but... but..."

Give me a fucking break.

It's no wonder to me why American healthcare never really advances beyond silly drugs.

Want to really address the real issue with diet drinks? How about you talk about the synthetic bullshit they put in them like aspartame and the 4-MI?

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UN orders Japan to cease whaling

Hiroko Tabuchi and Marlise Simons
The New York Times
March 31, 2014

TOKYO — The decision to ban Japan’s annual whaling drive off Antarctica, handed down by the United Nations’ highest court on Monday, is a hard-won victory for conservationists who have long argued that Tokyo’s whaling research is a cover for commercial whaling.

The ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague halts a Japanese program that has captured hundreds of minke and other whales each year in the Southern Ocean since 2005, all in the name of biological research.

But Japan may not be ready to lay down its harpoons entirely. Though the ruling is final, it allows the Japanese to continue to hunt whales under a redesigned program, warned Nanami Kurasawa, who heads a marine conservation group in Tokyo.

And the court’s decision does not affect smaller hunts that Japan carries out in the northern Pacific, or coastal whaling carried out on a smaller scale by local fishermen.

“It’s an important decision, but it also leaves the Japanese government a lot of leeway,” Ms. Kurasawa said. “The Japanese government could start research whaling again but under a different name, and it would be out of the ruling’s purview.”

In a 12-to-4 judgment, the court found that Japan was in breach of its international obligations by catching and killing minke whales and issuing permits for hunting humpback and fin whales within the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, established by the International Whaling Commission.

Reading a summary of the judgment, presiding Judge Peter Tomka of Slovakia said that the present “research program,” dating to 2005, has involved the killing of 3,600 minke whales and a number of fin whales, but that its “scientific output to date appears limited.” The ruling suggested instead that Japan’s whaling hunt served political and economic reasons.

Lawyers attending the proceedings said there was a gasp in the audience when Judge Tomka ordered Japan to immediately “revoke all whaling permits” and not issue any new ones under the existing program.

“I rarely heard such an unequivocal, strong ruling at this court,” said a lawyer with long experience at the court who asked not to be named because he is working on a case in progress.

A Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Noriyuki Shikata, was quoted by media as telling reporters in The Hague that the country “regrets and is deeply disappointed” by the decision.

But “as a state that respects the rule of law ... and as a responsible member of the global community, Japan will abide by the ruling of the court,” he was quoted as saying.

The ruling drew immediate praise from environmental groups, including the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which has sent ships to the remote and icy waters to block and harass Japan’s whaling fleet.

“We are very happy with the backing of the International Court,” Geert Vons, a representative of Sea Shepherd, said after leaving the courtroom. “We had never expected such a strong ruling.”

Australia, a former whaling country, brought the suit against Japan in 2010, accusing the country of using a loophole to get around a 1986 worldwide moratorium on commercial whaling.

Since the moratorium, Japan has captured and killed around 15,000 whales, in what Tokyo says is an effort to collect data to monitor the impact of whales on Japan’s fishing industry and to study the health and habitat of the whale population.

To pay for the government program, the meat from the culled whales is sold and makes its way to supermarkets, restaurants and even school lunches.

Still, Japan’s whaling program has struggled to finance itself in recent years, as more Japanese consumers turn up their noses at whale meat and environmental activists that chase whaling boats have made hunts increasingly difficult. Hunts in recent years have relied on public subsidies, including money drawn from funds earmarked for Japan’s post-tsunami reconstruction.

Experts have argued that Monday’s court decision presents Japan with an opportunity to bow out of a practice that has become a drain on Japanese finances, as well as a blow to its image abroad.

“This might be a good time to quit,” said Toshio Kasuya, a whale expert and early collaborator on Japan’s research program who has since become one of its harshest critics. From very early on, it became clear to researchers that the program did not prioritize scientific discovery, he said.

“The system is bankrupt,” Mr. Kasuya said.

Whaling is defended by some Japanese, however, who feel unfairly singled out by international criticism and who argue that the hunts are a time-honored Japanese tradition. These supporters make little pretense that whaling is carried out for science.

“Some people eat beef, others eat whale. We should respect all cultures,” said Komei Wani, who leads the Group to Preserve Whale Dietary Culture, based in the whaling town of Shimonoseki. “As long as there are enough whales to go around, why can’t we hunt a few?”


I agree with Komei Wani to an extent, and then differ greatly from him; put plainly, people do not need to eat any animals to survive. I've done so for the last 13 years... 13 years without an animal (yeah, fish are animals too) dying to sustain me... 

There should be a UN naval detachments sailing the Antarctic that enforces this; any ships associated with taking whales should be ordered abandoned and then scuttled.

Dolphins next. Then sharks.

Taiji Dolphin Slaughter - January 28, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Infamous zoo that killed giraffe killed 4 lions

Two cubs and two adults were slaughtered by Copenhagen Zoo.

Stephen Rex Brown
New York Daily News
March 25, 2014

The Danish zoo that sparked an international outcry by slaughtering a giraffe to avoid inbreeding has killed two lions and their cubs to clear the way for a new male.

The Copenhagen Zoo said the kings of the jungle had been put down Monday.

“Because of the pride of lions' natural structure and behavior, the zoo has had to euthanize the two old lions and two young lions who were not old enough to fend for themselves," the zoo said in a statement, according to Agence France-Presse. [Sorry you moron(s); natural structure went out the fucking window once they were placed in an artificial environment called a zoo.]

The 10-month-old lions would have been killed by the new male lion “as soon as he got the chance,” the zoo said. [Stupid me; here I thought they were in a zoo and not in the wild... zoos that often bottlefeed young and so on....]

A new male lion will be introduced to two female lions that recently reached breeding age soon.
The zoo’s chief executive, Steffen Straede, stood by the decision. [Gotta keep making those cute, crowd-drawing cubs huh? Then you can just kill them and make more when they get near a year old.]

"The zoo is recognized worldwide for our work with lions, and I am proud that one of the zoo's own brood now forms the centre of a new pride of lions," Straede said. [Huh? Making cubs and killing them and adult lions is helping lions? How?]

Still, officials elected not to carve up the lions for a lesson in animal anatomy, as they had with the 18-year-old giraffe named Marius. [The giraffe was 18 months old - do your research.]

“Not all our animals are dissected in front of an audience,” a spokesman said. [It's such a relief to know only some of "their" animals are dissected in front of an audience.]

Last month the zoo’s scientific director, Bengt Holst, received death threats after announcing the giraffe would be shot because of European regulations against inbreeding. [Bengt Holst is an individual that should erase himself.]

Thousands signed an online petition to save the giraffe and other zoos offered to care for the creature.
But the giraffe was killed and carved up before children anyway. Some of the giraffe meat was fed the zoo’s lions. [Obviously it had nothing to do with claims made by the zoo about "European regulations against inbreeding"... besides, what vet, Scandinavian rednecks obviously aside, doesn't know of neutering? Also, what is being done now? What is being done to prevent these European rednecks from killing more innocent animals?]

It wasn’t clear if the meat was served to the lions who were themselves killed by the zoo.

"We know we are doing the right thing,” Holst said of the decision to kill the giraffe. [Of course - you had to "make more room"... and of course it was the right thing because Holst says it so. Absurd. I was having a somewhat decent day today until I accidentally found this.]


This shit hole in Denmark needs to be shut down. They should be shut down like yesterday. Anyone that visits them is, to me, aiding and abetting their vile behavior. I was against zoos to begin with... places like Copenhagen Zoo though, should be burned to the ground with the decision makers placed inside their own cages stuffed full of tinder...

Oh right. It isn't the Danish people that is the problem - it is the zoo itself, you say? Well to me, just like anything else, they are letting these people operate, which puts them squarely on my mental shit list.

Seriously Denmark; get with the fucking program and shut these idiots down.


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SoundToys Little PrimalTap download code

For anyone looking for a download code to get SoundToys PrimalTap plugin:


 This deal lasts only through March 28... if you want it, don't wait and get it now.

PrimalTap is based on the vintage Lexicon Prime Time delay. The plugin is completely free with the creation of a SoundToys account. SoundToys make some of the best plugins period; I have used them on every single EP or record I have recorded to date... and will continue to do so.

Inspired by the classic Prime Time* from 1978, Little PrimalTap captures the highly distinctive sonic imprint of this quirky, and well-loved (by those in the know) vintage digital delay. Don't be fooled by it's simple interface, Little PrimalTap lets you unleash your creative urges to echo, loop, warp, distort, mangle, or create cacophonous cascades of otherworldly sounds.


The Prime Time was used by a wide variety of artists back in the 80's (that was it's prime, heh) for rich guitar delay, chorus, flange and such, and it did a great job with those things but the really unique character of it's sound came from one of it's limitations. In an attempt to get more out of the technology (and probably stay under budget) it had a feature called Multiply that halved the sample rate each time the delay was doubled. Sound weird? It does indeed. And it's just the kind of weird that we love.


On this little beast, turning knobs is where it's at and that's how you get to hear all the oddities it can create. The Multiply knob supplies extra delay time that has drastic tonal changes with each increase. The Adjust knob creates pitch shifts, chorus, or flange when moved. The Feedback and Input drive tie it all together to allow for sounds just not found on any of the "normal" delay plug-ins. Abnormal is the new black.


Yes, the Feedback can go infinite, and do everything from classic delay style looping to old school sci-fi space noise. Oh, and we doubled the massive 256ms of delay time from the original (128ms if you had the non-expanded one) to 512ms so you've got some serious looping power if you need it. It's ok to let it get out of control, unlike the old days where you could blow your speakers (or your ears) if you didn't stay on top of the feedback. Little PrimalTap lets you use it as another layer of sonic color, and even opens the door for synthesizer type sounds.

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Arizona Kills Mountain Lions Preying on Bighorn Sheep

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
March 20, 2014

Arizona wildlife experts, in an attempt to reestablish a vanished bighorn sheep herd in Arizona's Catalina Mountains, decided to release thirty-one of the animals into a thriving mountain lion population. Ask any elementary school kid what lions do and even they know; lions hunt - in order live, a lion must take prey. To date, sixteen of the thirty-one animals have fallen victim to lions. Any rational being would not blame the lions; animals that have no instinct to fear mountain lions (or other predators for that matter) were released into a very rare region where mountain lions have been allowed to flourish. Gee, what do you think will happen? 
“We are trying to go after the lions that are proving to be predators on the sheep.” - Joe Sacco (Arizona Game and Fish Department)
A true wildlife steward, Joe Sacco went on to boast that the mountain lion population in the Catalina Mountains is thriving so much they allow twenty lions to be hunted per year.

The lions were doing what lions do. Cats, from house cats all the way up to tigers, will take the path of least resistance; they will take the easy kill over the more difficult. There is a reason all cats sleep most of the time... the bulk of their energy is to be used for hunting. Cats are built, from the ground up, to hunt. Yet, what does Arizona do when their absurd plan seemingly is on a path to failure as a result of their lack of foresight? When and where possible, they kill lions that have taken bighorn. Again, the lion is doing exactly what it was designed to do, and once upon a time, before idiots with guns decided to intervene, bighorn sheep naturally appeared on the menu of mountain lions.

Arizona is punishing cats for hunting

Yet, it seems Arizona is getting flack only for their lack of planning and foresight; they are not getting much backlash regarding their treatment of mountain lions. Perhaps Arizona believes that only humans, an animal that only needs to drive to the store to acquire subsistence, have a right to hunt and kill bighorn. After all, it was Arizona that was responsible for the herd vanishing in the first place - a simple image search on "Arizona bighorn sheep" provided ample evidence of this fact. Ah... humanities best and brightest.

Cats everywhere on this planet have it quite bad - I want to see this change. I want to see people view cats as something to be protected; cats, not human huntards, are one of natures measures to maintain balance.

I find the actions Arizona is taking to be archaic and disgusting. Arizonaians should be ashamed.


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Biden says Russia is on a "dark path"

Bryan Doueblue
Clinical Cynic
March 19, 2014

Let's see, it is reported that Crimea has voted 97% in favor of joining Russia. Despite some articles attempting to conveniently cite history only since WWII, in one way or another, Crimea has had ties to Russia since the days of the Czar... at least. Crimea was once part of the Russian Empire during the 18th century. If Crimea, autonomously decides to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, and if it is the will of the people, so be it. Even the lamestream media have, time and again, noted that the vast majority of the Crimean population to be Russian. As a friend said to me today on the phone, "If Baja California voted in favor of leaving Mexico to join the United States [what/where is the issue]?"

Oh my. No black box voting?!?
What? Huh? Paper ballots?
And then there is the fact that Crimea is known as the "Autonomous Republic of Crimea". Hmm... what does that mean you wonder? It means that if they vote on something it is their collective will and theirs alone.

I will say though, I think, and have always thought, that the US, the EU, and Russia can all go mind their own business; Crimea and the Ukraine should decide their own destiny without any outside influence. Just like people, nations should have the right to self-governance... without its greedy neighbors with their own agendas becoming a factor.

I understand the Ukraine perspective on Russia... and support it. Understandably so, there is still wounds there yet to heal.

That brings us now to Biden... and the masters this puppet serves. Rhetoric is flying all over the place regarding Crimea, Russia, and Ukraine. Biden's ridiculous notion that Russia is heading down a "dark path" is akin to a black hole calling a kettle black. My nation, the United States, is one that has waged wars of aggression for over a decade, wars that were largely waged based on lies. Obama's claim that US forces have withdrawn from Iraq is a downright lie. The United States has unleashed its drones and violence on sovereign nations, without any regard for collateral damage. The United States has zero respect for the privacy of other nations let alone its own citizens. The United States government serves a multinational cabal of bankers and corporations... not the American people. The United States has covertly and overtly aided terrorist elements in the overthrow, or attempted overthrow, of sovereign governments such as Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Just look at what it has gained the people of Egypt and Libya. Last time I looked it was Obama, not Putin, that publicly maintains a kill list. We have politicians, that once in office, infest American politics like roaches in the sleaziest of hotels. I could go on, but I don't really see the point; I believe my point has been achieved.

I love my country for its potential. I don't love it for what it has become.

Update: Here is some pictures of aggression in Crimea:

Russia supporters salute a statue of Russian empress Ekaterina II who founded Sevastopol.


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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lions Threatened With Extinction

Emma Farge

West Africa's lions, which once prowled across the region in their tens of thousands, are close to extinction as farmland eats up their ancient habitats and human hunters kill the animals they feed on, a study has shown. [Oh let's not mention South Africa and other nations allowing assholes to pay to  shoot males. Of course that doesn't hurt prides and end up wiping out cubs... at the very least. - Bryan]

Just around 400 of the animals were thought to have survived across 17 countries, according to the paper published in scientific journal PLOS ONE.

"These lions are standing on a cliff looking at the chasm of extinction," Luke Hunter, one of the paper's authors and president of wild cat conservation group Panthera, told Reuters on Tuesday.

"It would be very easy for small, isolated populations to be wiped out over the next 5-10 years."

Fewer than 250 of the survivors were mature cats, capable of breeding, the study said. But even that ability to produce cubs was limited by the fact they were spread across wide areas in groups that often did not have enough lionesses to sustain a population.

The study said there had been no comprehensive study of the size of past populations, though Hunter said there would at one stage have been "many tens of thousands" of lions.

The study, led by Panthera, said they were now only present in 1.1 percent of their original habitat and recommended they should be classified as "critically endangered".

Conservation efforts in a region known for its poverty and political instability, have been weak compared to other parts of Africa, and the population density is about 15 times lower compared with lions in east Africa, the study said.

Parks in the region typically had four staff or fewer per 100 square kilometers, it added.

One of the main reasons for the decline was the conversion of habitat into farm land. Others included sharp falls in the numbers of antelope, buffalo, and other prey, and villagers killing lions in revenge for the loss of livestock.

"It's become very complicated for this carnivore at the top of the food chain to find enough space and food to survive," said Hunter.

The West African lion, a relatively slender animal with a thin mane, is genetically distinct from the rest of the African species.

For a link to the study, click here.


Ohhh... another study. Studies are fucking worthless if nothing is done... if that information is not used. Just like the idiot tiger conservation movement; idiots are so concerned about maintaining subspecies instead of breeding a Bengal and a Siberian if they have to... and while they wring their wrists the tiger is dying out in the wild.

I've said it before and I will say it again; humans (yes, me included) are worse than a virus on this planet. We are the ONLY being on this planet that is out of balance.

As time goes on I care less and less that most people are sheep... I care less about politics and tyranny et al... part of me will enjoy seeing what these people reap. I only wish I could put humanity into a bubble so they can't ruin the rest of the planet. Maybe one day I'll stop caring about that too...


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South Africa is every bit a dump as the next place. They have such treasures which they utterly fail to protect.

And what is helping drive poachers to do this sort of thing? China and Vietnam and their demand for traditional dirt-worshiping medicine.

This poor guy walked around with a bullet in his brain and part of his face sawed off. The poachers deserve nothing less.

People that do things like this need to be erased from existence.

American troops should be in places like South Africa, not Iraq or Afghanistan. 


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