Thursday, July 6, 2017

CNN's Blackmail Attempt Shows Desperation

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
July 6, 2017

In a meme posted to Reddit, and reposted to Twitter by the highest office in this land, Redditor "HanAssholeSolo" grabbed CNN's attention. CNN located the man, or kid, behind the "HanAssholeSolo" handle and demanded an apology via threats of releasing his identity to the public. Reports show that the individual responsible for the meme is in fact a 15-year-old male.

The real irony here is that, as the meme above illustrates, CNN can find an anonymous online poster in one day and fail to illustrate any evidence of a Russian connection to election interference. Here is the meme that has CNN [and the ADL] all hot and bothered:


If "HanAssholeSolo" is a minor CNN is toothless in doxing him. If the reports are wrong, and CNN's refuting those reports is right, and the poster is an adult, they should grow some balls.

Nevertheless, CNN's blackmail attempt has failed to set an example in epic proportions. Just take a look at #CNN on Twitter.

Meanwhile CNN completely ignores the Seth Rich issue:

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

German Thought Police Strike Again

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
June 27, 2017

Yeah, this is a week old now, and I am slow on the draw. But I have a few thoughts on this.

People like Anton Newcombe, that moved to Germany thinking NASDP and Stasi era totalitarianism would never happen, are full of shit and mainstream Kool-Aid. I guess some people just see totalitarianism as being completely impossible when it is coming from the left. It must be why Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin never meet quite the same standard as the NASDP in 1945.

Think about it - it was social media posts that warranted this! W-O-R-D-S. If someone posts threats that is one thing, but notice - they state one case of an individual threatening an  ABC+LGBTQ+ZXYZ person.

And what the hell is inciting racism? Oh wait... They mean, actually, providing information that goes against the establishment [EU] in regards to the Islamification of Europe for thirty-three of the individuals targeted.

So those of you that feel that Germany's NASDP was evil and vile, well, you now have a new evil and vile kid on the block. But, it's actually not a kid but a giant parasitic hydra with too many heads to count (which one do you cut off first?). And that hydra is carefully building a proxy within European nations that have nearly handed over their own sovereignty to Brussels.

That is real fascism. A land that is ruled by the corporate world and the bankers at the top ruling over all. A land where these mega corporations are too big to fail, but not the people, and yet the people are passed the bill. And a land where if you express your opinion you get your house ransacked and are likely taken away in cuffs.

Cancer doesn't need, obey, or understand borders.

See, this is why they are trying so hard to get internet ID's set up here - so, should you post some anti-globalist, nationalistic, or conservative 'right wing' opinions you will suffer the same fate as those in Europe. Recall Marine le Pen? The French attempted to indict her, regardless of her political position and power, for standing against the massive Muslim influx into France. This is why it is IMPERATIVE that everyone that uses the internet, whether you are outspoken or not, should be active in fighting to protect everyone's rights. Because if they can take away your neighbor's rights they can do the same to you.

It's like that old saying; "If you don't do politics, politics will do you." Either you get informed on what they are trying to do to your rights, including your online anonymity, or you will pay the price. And don't expect your favorite corporate news channel, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, any of them, to inform you on the threats to your rights. As it stands now it's akin to the old Spartan 300 story - the only thing stemming this tide are a few while the masses busy themselves with distractions.

To be involved you don't have to invest your life or become obsessed, you simply have to dedicate a little time to inform yourself and exert political pressure where you can (calling Congress and others takes literally two minutes to leave a message and emails are even easier through many sites).

And don't expect Trump to be on our side in this. He's already waved his flag with his true colors on this matter (and so much more):

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YouTube is now CensorTube

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
June 27, 2017

Isn't that cute?

So YouTube has engaged advertisers to withdraw funding of patriot/nationalist/
conservative channels, yet has no problem supporting biological men and women pretending they are not men or women. Nor does it have issue pouring advertiser revenue at these channels or those promoting gay adoption of children, homosexual sex, etc.

Look; I don't give a good God damn what anyone wants to do - I don't care if they are racist, a tranny, think the Earth is flat, believe in Santa Claus, are gay, homophobic, nationalist, globalist - I don't give a shit. Just leave me alone, keep your hands and feet to yourself, and live your life. Make videos if you want. Make music if you want. Blog and write books if you want. After all, you kind of have to go out of your way to watch a YouTube video, read, or consume any sort of media.


It is utterly pathetic that opinions need to be punished. Seriously..? Withdrawing advertising for channels that are contrary to what appears to be the accepted social norms is the beginning of a very big slippery slope. Not to mention that those apparent social norms are cultivated by an annoyingly loud minority. You take this stance a bit further and you have people losing jobs, or simply not getting them, on behalf of their personal views.

And here's the thing. If, for example, any LBGTQ[..XYZ] channel had a video up, and that video had advertising revenue revoked and removed due to content and expressed opinion, they'd be crying bloody murder. Yet they care not if it is aimed at their political and ideological enemies.

Even the KKK should be allowed to have a YouTube channel. So should a black power organization. And so should the LGBTQ community. Anyone. And they should be able to receive advertising.

Where was it that the absurd mentality of presence equates to condoning of behavior? If a racist individual works at Home Depot does it make Home Depot racist? Does David Duke's support of Trump make Trump involved in the KKK? Does Home Depot become a nationalist organization if it has random adverts placed on a nationalist YouTube channel? No. No. And NO.

While YouTube and its advertising partners have isolated many content creators, its big daddy Google has been censuring search results on its search engine - the #1 website on the planet cleansing information and also cultivating public opinion by limiting said information's availability. So we have the two biggest websites on the planet clearly serving an agenda that is very much in-line with the street mobs (BLM and other leftist organizations) of the deep state and those behind it.

I wonder how much lower we will go. If, for the sake of globalism, they need to bring the first world down to meet the third, it'll go much lower.

Who was the villains in Orwell's 1984 again? It was thought police.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

More business as usual under an isolated Trump

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
June 22, 2017

.. Just like how Obama carried on agendas under Bush, now ISIS and terrorists fighting the Syrian government are now getting help, again, from Americans.

Take a look at who controls that area for yourself - it's ISIS.

US-backed fighters, fighting a sovereign government, that has done nothing to the United States? Sounds like 2011/2012 on steroids now.

An isolated president, or just another puppet?

So it would seem that Trump has been completely hijacked by McMaster (a staunch neocon) and co., which seems rather clear considering the amount of CFR and Clinton/Obama-connected individuals in his administration (including his own daughter and her sh**head husband Jared Kushner - both have significant relationships to people in the Clinton circle - including Chelsea). The only other alternative is that Trump has become just another tool of the establishment, as was his predecessors - which, when you contemplate that, you can't help but think of his multiple meetings with Kissinger and Richard Haas (funny now how many of their people are in the administration). Anyone truly opposed to business as usual would not give individuals such as those the time of day.

Recall that silly cruise missile strike ordered by Trump months ago. Yeah, that one which Eric Trump, himself, is on the record as stating his father did so at the behest of his sister.

The last thing this country needs is another political dynasty.

I voted for Trump, and I have to say, that at this point I haven't seen jack to make me not regret having written-in 'Beetlejuice' for my presidential vote. If Trump is indeed the man he portrayed during his campaign, he has let himself become a lone wolf surrounded by individuals that serve the deep state, including his very own daughter and son-in-law. And of course, the castration of Bannon and ousting of Flynn sealed this reality. Our last hopes remaining in office, it seems, is Jeff Sessions and Trey Gowdy.

ALL information incoming to Trump is first handled by those surrounding him. In other words, information is easily cleansed and tailored. Yes, that would be McMaster and also Kushner, among others.

A little background on McMaster:

Back to ISIS and Syria once more...

Consider this for a minute; if NATO nations were really against ISIS, and not using it simply for fear-mongering and show and tell, why do they continue to let ISIS fighters enter their borders? How many times have we heard of terrorist attacks in the UK, France, and Belgium, that were brought about by individuals that have either been in Libya or Syria???

Where are we now?

'The Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has warned that the likelihood of a catastrophic nuclear war is closer than since 1953.' -

Kind of seems as if we were going backwards, no?

And meanwhile, the establishment and neocons alike are still pressing on about some conspiracy theory about Russian meddling in US elections. Ironic how, when people are suspicious and question anything not in the deep state's interest, the 'conspiracy theory' term is thrown about negatively; yet they have no issue pursuing their own imaginations and fairy tales with nary a shred of evidence of any actual Russian manipulation effecting any change.

Even the LA Times, as pathetic as they historically are, claim the Russians changed no results in the latest elections:

Yet, you have to be asking yourself, "where is the proof that systems were targeted by Russia?" Once we begin just blindly accepting what we are told all is lost. And it does seem to be the recent trend. Remember that supposed Osama raid, in which they allegedly killed him, and brought him on a naval vessel only to throw him off of it? Not once shred of evidence provided, yet no one seemed to mind. Even despite Pakistani ISI reporting that he died as early as late 2001 or early 2002. If this is how things will indefinitely continue we might as well be living in Orwell's 1984. God knows enough people tune in and tune out to the TV's in their homes and allow the brainwashing to commence with no critical thought involved.

Still, lamestream media and career politicians keep pressing on the Russia thing:

Notice how not one of these dumb idiots ever states that the best way to prevent any election rigging is to go strictly to paper ballots. Not once have I heard anyone state this. And again, nobody has provided any smoking gun on Russian manipulation. We've seen this before - its just like the invasion of Iraq in '03. First it was the DNC hacks. All the talking heads completely ignored Seth Rich and what Assange had to say about the matter. Just like in '03, it's as if they think that if they continually beat the same drum the sheep out there will begin marching to it.

So here we are, six months in to a new presidency, with hardly any change worth a damn in sight. Where is the money for the wall? There is lots of talk and not much else. Now there is talk about Trump wanting the wall to be solar... [Why not just build a damned wall first and worry about powering it into the future after? I've seen many walls in my life that aren't 'powered'.] So far, Obama has deported more individuals. And still, our actions are still supportive of ISIS rather than against it, and just like the fixation on Russia with elections, we still suffer from this silly fixation on how allegedly evil Assad and his government is, despite time and again, accusations against the Assad regime of use of chemical weapons is unsubstantiated (or outright proved false). And still yet, we have Israel sucking money straight off our teat and meddling in our politics via AIPAC (God's chosen people get a pass I suppose?). Concurrently we are arming the truly vile and evil Saudis - to the tune of billions. And still, we have troops in over 150 countries around the world. And still, NATO continues as usual operating as a globalist military and the air force of the proxy of the moment. Just imagine what the talking heads and chicken-hawks would say if the Eastern Bloc came back into existence!

Change? The only thing you can put money behind is more of the same. What was it that President George Dubya Bush once said; "... fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." Not quite, but something like that.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Bilderberg Group Members ACTUALLY SPEAK On The Record !!!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange faces the Bilderberg group members one on one and asks them about their participation in the group. And to a great surprise, the Bilderberg members actually gave us a comment.

Visit their MAIN SITE for more breaking news

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Ron Paul on Syria gas attack: 'It doesn't make sense. Zero chance Assad did this.'

You would have to be a fool to believe that Assad has successfully waged war against insurgents and terrorists for roughly six years, won much of their lost territory back, while carefully playing a dangerous political chess game on the world stage to thwart foreign military intervention targeting its own national forces, to then now, six years into a successful campaign on all front, use WMD's.

Also, lets now forget that all parties reached an agreement in late 2013 for the chemical weapon disarmament of Syria.

It is beyond absurd, and at this time, after going round and round with friend on the subject, do not have the energy to give this the post it deserves. More to come later.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oui Le Pen!

Bryan Doueblue
16 février 2017

Le temps de prendre votre souveraineté! Votre pays a donné naissance de la féodalité et du vrai nationalisme en Europe. Être un nationaliste est un patriote, pas un Nazi.

Bruxelles et leur contrôle sur les nations de l'Europe est en panne... Et il devrait échouer.

Voici quelques citations de l'un des fondateurs de l'UE - votre propre Jean Monnet :

"Les gens n'acceptent que les changer lorsqu'ils sont aux prises avec la nécessité, et la nécessité de reconnaître que lorsqu'une crise est sur eux."

"l'ONU doit être guidé vers le super-État sans leurs citoyens de comprendre ce qui se passe. Ceci peut être réalisé par étapes successives, chacune déguisés en ayant un but économique, mais qui finira par conduire à la fédération et irréversible." (30 avril 1952) 


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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fuk U Fukushima

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
February 9, 2017

Fukushima is worse now than ever before.

You gotta love nukes. Of course the Obama administration downplayed this as well as he is very much in bed with the nuclear lobby (another reason he was on the attack on coal etc. - and NOT advocating and pushing for alternative energy like Spain has done - and why he helped proliferation of nuclear power). Must have been another reason, along with his kill lists and role in ruining nations (Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.), why he received a Nobel Peace Prize - a total sham of a 'prize'.

Yet, some of us knew this was the case a long time ago, know which way the wind is blowing, and can actually recognize when something smells bad.

I realize there are some people out there that just cannot deal with some things and will call reporting on this 'fear mongering'; irregardless that this is reality they can only operate with a protective stance of denial and seek only warm and fuzzy comfort rather than face the world head-on. And this special kind of cowardice needs to end now as it is precisely the kind of mentality that will bring zero change to this planet.

Nukes, both energy and weapons, should be rid of. No matter what it's a fucking ticking time bomb in which the best case scenario we have loads of insanely radioactive waste with which we just sweep under the rug.

All that glorious rain we've been having here in California... Hmm... Where does that rain originate from? You can bet that we, on the west coast, got a little dose of Fuk U from General Electric and TEPCO this winter.

Once again, this [the nuclear industry] is another example of humanity being held hostage by a few greedy assholes. Really, who was consulted with nuclear power? Who would say "oh that sounds great" when informed of just the byproduct of the industry, piling up, and remaining hot for thousands of years? THAT is 100% insanity. We are effectively held hostage and progress is kept at bay for the purpose of profit and its bottom line. The fact that some idiots would substitute nuclear power for coal, especially given modern advances in coal, is backwards and sad. It's absolutely NUCLEAR WAR IN SLOW MOTION. And, in the end, it's scary to think of the long-term health impact of this. Added upon the unknown effects of GMO's coupled with whatever we breath in the air via geoengineering, it's shocking that we remain docile, distracted sheep.

You want proof that, as an American, our 'leaders' and goofy, industry infested alphabet agencies, don't give a damn about the health of you and your children? Take a look at this article from 2011 that compares the differences in response to Fukushima between California and Korea. They don't care about you. They only care about business as usual, money, and power. And decade after decade we place our concerns in silly political bullshit sideshows, on the left and right, while we are being very much screwed at every angle. And still, most people have their eyes closed to the real problems that plague humanity and this planet. Essentially, while experiencing radioactive rain, Korea closed 160 schools to protect children... While in California, we measured radioactivity ten times higher, no schools were closed or citizens advised to avoid the rain, and instead our precious EPA raised safe radiation levels - not one time, but multiple times.

Yet Spain is seemingly the only nation with a forward-thinking perspective. Shame that they too are then not immune to its neighbors, such as France, which operates nearly sixty nuclear reactors.

Nuclear Energy Around the World. As of November 2016, 30 countries worldwide are operating 450 nuclear reactors for electricity generation and 60 new nuclear plants are under construction in 15 countries. Nuclear power plants provided 10.9 percent of the world's electricity production in 2012.

All that risk for 10.9% of our power. Worth it you think?

Yeah, I'm pissed off, again, about this. But maybe you should be too.

What will it take for humanity to wake up and, not demand, but effect real change? How long must we wait for the rest of you to get pissed about something other than your favorite sports team losing or what the real 1% want to distract you with? The clock is ticking...


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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Dark History of Killer Whale Captures

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
January 19, 2017

You know, while watching this I was thinking to myself, "Why don't these orcas start biting the people netting them and roping them in half?" - if I weighed 3-6 tons and had interlocking teeth that were like zippers I'd get my revenge. Yet they never do. And it's not because they can't be mean or violent as they will rake each other and, due to their massive lobes dealing with emotion (even of which some aspects humans lack) they are very emotional beings, and since we [I think erroneously] equate brain size to intelligence, if this is the case, the orca may be smarter than us, or possess an intelligence rivaling humans, but simply lack an opposing thumb to prove it [to naysayer self-important humans]. Then it dawned on me; their intelligence, plus their known differing cultures and unique dialects [described by people like Biggs] to be much like human language, would likely have them realizing the rock and a hard place situation they find themselves in while they are corralled and captured; they likely recognize the human capacity for technology and that capacity outweighs our physical control over them. They likely fear an unseen, but foreseen, retribution - and it's quite possible that due to their culture they know of past experiences with humans.

Of course, for most, culture is defined solely as belonging only to humans... Just another archaic closed-minded remnant of slowly dying times.

Definition of "culture" - the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations

I actually believe many animals have culture, as many animals transmit knowledge to the coming generation. A mother cheetah or lion teaches her young how to hunt, what to hunt, what to fear, and their place in the world (or food chain) and their kind. Of course self-celebrated academics would likely argue that culture is knowledge passed through language and written word... But I find that line of thought dismissive and narrow-minded. As Joaquin Phoenix stated in Earthlings, it's a speciest perspective to think contrarily.

I find it utterly amazing that they have, not once, attacked their attackers during selection and capture. In captivity, somewhat, yes (although the damage, even to Dawn Brancheau, given their capability, is very limited)... In the wild during these events, never.

I also find it confusing and stupid that nowhere are people making noise about Russian captures which continue until now. China is currently seeking to capture orcas but, as of yet, has been purchasing them from Russia.

More orcas captured in the Okhotsk Sea, Russia—When will it stop?

Orca capture trade has moved to Russia, China, activists say


China's Marine Park Boom Is Driving the Capture of Whales and Dolphins

Chinese Company Seeks to Capture Orcas and Hundreds of Marine Mammals in Namibia

I dislike China a little more each year. As the article stated, regarding animal trade and trafficking, too many roads lead back to China.

In my book, Ted Griffin will go down in history as an asshole. Some people would say he changed, that he advocates for captive dolphins. But, had he not done what he began doing in the mid-1960's, there might not be any captive orca to advocate for.


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