Tuesday, June 27, 2017

German Thought Police Strike Again

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
June 27, 2017

Yeah, this is a week old now, and I am slow on the draw. But I have a few thoughts on this.

People like Anton Newcombe, that moved to Germany thinking NASDP and Stasi era totalitarianism would never happen, are full of shit and mainstream Kool-Aid. I guess some people just see totalitarianism as being completely impossible when it is coming from the left. It must be why Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin never meet quite the same standard as the NASDP in 1945.

Think about it - it was social media posts that warranted this! W-O-R-D-S. If someone posts threats that is one thing, but notice - they state one case of an individual threatening an  ABC+LGBTQ+ZXYZ person.

And what the hell is inciting racism? Oh wait... They mean, actually, providing information that goes against the establishment [EU] in regards to the Islamification of Europe for thirty-three of the individuals targeted.

So those of you that feel that Germany's NASDP was evil and vile, well, you now have a new evil and vile kid on the block. But, it's actually not a kid but a giant parasitic hydra with too many heads to count (which one do you cut off first?). And that hydra is carefully building a proxy within European nations that have nearly handed over their own sovereignty to Brussels.

That is real fascism. A land that is ruled by the corporate world and the bankers at the top ruling over all. A land where these mega corporations are too big to fail, but not the people, and yet the people are passed the bill. And a land where if you express your opinion you get your house ransacked and are likely taken away in cuffs.

Cancer doesn't need, obey, or understand borders.

See, this is why they are trying so hard to get internet ID's set up here - so, should you post some anti-globalist, nationalistic, or conservative 'right wing' opinions you will suffer the same fate as those in Europe. Recall Marine le Pen? The French attempted to indict her, regardless of her political position and power, for standing against the massive Muslim influx into France. This is why it is IMPERATIVE that everyone that uses the internet, whether you are outspoken or not, should be active in fighting to protect everyone's rights. Because if they can take away your neighbor's rights they can do the same to you.

It's like that old saying; "If you don't do politics, politics will do you." Either you get informed on what they are trying to do to your rights, including your online anonymity, or you will pay the price. And don't expect your favorite corporate news channel, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, any of them, to inform you on the threats to your rights. As it stands now it's akin to the old Spartan 300 story - the only thing stemming this tide are a few while the masses busy themselves with distractions.

To be involved you don't have to invest your life or become obsessed, you simply have to dedicate a little time to inform yourself and exert political pressure where you can (calling Congress and others takes literally two minutes to leave a message and emails are even easier through many sites).

And don't expect Trump to be on our side in this. He's already waved his flag with his true colors on this matter (and so much more):

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