Tuesday, June 27, 2017

YouTube is now CensorTube

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
June 27, 2017

Isn't that cute?

So YouTube has engaged advertisers to withdraw funding of patriot/nationalist/
conservative channels, yet has no problem supporting biological men and women pretending they are not men or women. Nor does it have issue pouring advertiser revenue at these channels or those promoting gay adoption of children, homosexual sex, etc.

Look; I don't give a good God damn what anyone wants to do - I don't care if they are racist, a tranny, think the Earth is flat, believe in Santa Claus, are gay, homophobic, nationalist, globalist - I don't give a shit. Just leave me alone, keep your hands and feet to yourself, and live your life. Make videos if you want. Make music if you want. Blog and write books if you want. After all, you kind of have to go out of your way to watch a YouTube video, read, or consume any sort of media.


It is utterly pathetic that opinions need to be punished. Seriously..? Withdrawing advertising for channels that are contrary to what appears to be the accepted social norms is the beginning of a very big slippery slope. Not to mention that those apparent social norms are cultivated by an annoyingly loud minority. You take this stance a bit further and you have people losing jobs, or simply not getting them, on behalf of their personal views.

And here's the thing. If, for example, any LBGTQ[..XYZ] channel had a video up, and that video had advertising revenue revoked and removed due to content and expressed opinion, they'd be crying bloody murder. Yet they care not if it is aimed at their political and ideological enemies.

Even the KKK should be allowed to have a YouTube channel. So should a black power organization. And so should the LGBTQ community. Anyone. And they should be able to receive advertising.

Where was it that the absurd mentality of presence equates to condoning of behavior? If a racist individual works at Home Depot does it make Home Depot racist? Does David Duke's support of Trump make Trump involved in the KKK? Does Home Depot become a nationalist organization if it has random adverts placed on a nationalist YouTube channel? No. No. And NO.

While YouTube and its advertising partners have isolated many content creators, its big daddy Google has been censuring search results on its search engine - the #1 website on the planet cleansing information and also cultivating public opinion by limiting said information's availability. So we have the two biggest websites on the planet clearly serving an agenda that is very much in-line with the street mobs (BLM and other leftist organizations) of the deep state and those behind it.

I wonder how much lower we will go. If, for the sake of globalism, they need to bring the first world down to meet the third, it'll go much lower.

Who was the villains in Orwell's 1984 again? It was thought police.

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